[Chiba] Recent Chiba Branch

Good evening

I wrote a blog right away!
Recent state of Chiba branchthe reportI would like to ( ´_ ́)ノ

A lot of women are coming to register!

Overall, the number of women who come to register at the Chiba branch is
I think a lot of them are pretty.

Fluffy.small animal person

It feels like you want to protect it.feminineIsn't it (*´ -`)(´- `*)

I feel envious because I have zero such elements.smile
Well, put aside that...

ladies and gentlemen"I've heard of it, but it's also in Chiba!"He says.
that's right.We have just opened the Chiba branch.
Perhaps because the familiarity with Papa Katsu is low, there are only new people who are not used to it!
So I think I can have a really natural and innocent date!

IchiharaI'm so happy that so many women come to register every day!
to everyone who camenice dateI would like you to
We are producing to bring out the charm of women every day!

Thank you!

Dating club "Universe Club" is recruiting male and female members all over the country.

An interview, an interview, and an examination are required for admission.

For details, please contact the local concierge


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