Unusually anxious Ai Takita


Always I am indebted.
This is Ai Takita from Universe Club Tokyo.

May is coming soon
Those who become working adults, those who change jobs, those who move, etc.
Isn't there a lot of people who say it's a fresh slate?

Takita wants to move too,
but,I can't move because the security deposit key money is too highI am worried

Since I started working at Universe Club, I have come into contact with many rich men.
going to good places,good thoughtsbecomes even stronger
Takita is a little worried that he may be living a life that is not commensurate with his salary.

from my grandmother
"I wonder if there's a man to feed you, don't they say they don't like money worms?'
I am worried that

Recently, thanks to Universe Club Tokyo,About 20 female new registrations on many daysThere is.
A year ago, February was quiet, and I wonder if there were 1 women on the same day.
I was worried that the Universe Club would be okay as it is.
Takita has a lot of worries about the number of registrations this year.

Find out the purpose of registration, strengths and weaknesses of the woman in a short interview time,
Gain trust and have them go on dates with peace of mind.
You have to know a lot about women during the interview time of 30-60 minutes.

The number of people has increased, and the time to know each person has decreased
I wonder if it will increase the number of times I miss important parts.

Even if the number of women who register increases,
There is no meaning unless the satisfaction level of women and men is high.

I haven't heard from you lately, I wonder what that male member is doing...
I wonder if you're disgusted and won't contact me. .And

A lot of new staff came in Everyone is excellent!You don't need old stock. .
I wonder how long Takita can be enrolled. .


Takita jumped in without knowing about the dating club, so
No matter how long I'm satisfied, this is good!This is the correct answer!there is no such thing as
I am always thinking.

It seems that what men and women want in a dating club is completely different
No, some parts are the same.And··

Takita wants to be close to each person's heart and provide what they want.
I've been working with this in mind for a long time, but lately
We are too caught up in the current situation. . .And. . . . .

I don't know what it is, but maybe I'm at the age where I think a lot...
I am almost 32 years old.
27 years old when I joined the company every day is too early

Teratsuji is the same generation as Takita, so Teratsuji'sKatakana title blogI thought when I read
Men are looking for a partner who is compatible with their bodies, and healing of their minds
Women seek ideals of money, space, and status

I wonder if dating clubs are a world with no correct answers and no goals~
Recently, I've been thinking that Takita probably won't be able to find the correct answer until he quits.

So many women have registered.
I hope to be able to offer encounters to as many women as possible♪

Recently, a selfie posting function for women has been added, and you can now see the usual appearance of women ♪

We look forward to hearing from you (*^_^*)
Sorry for always being Takita-ryu's blog

Universe Club Ai Takita

Dating club "Universe Club" is looking for curious men and women members all over the country.
For details, please contact the local concierge
An interview, an interview, and an examination are required for admission.

Author of this article

2013.1.25 Joined Universe Club: Members at the time (Kida, Aso, Uta, Takita) 2019.4.15-2022.1.4 Take maternity leave.She has returned to being a mother of two.She still finds the work that deals with delicate feelings very interesting and difficult.There are many ways to meet her, but she loves the unique secret garden of dating clubs.She believes that what she tells women strictly = she really can have a good experience with women.I think that a woman who understands her position and understands her own position can have a wonderful experience and polish women through the dating club.She wants to be honest with men as well.Favorite job: The time spent interviewing women and being consulted by men about women Least favorite job: computer work, IT terminology talk to this staff

4 Replies to “Unusually Anxious Ai Takita”

  1. Mr. Takita We are pleased to announce that many members have registered.It is wonderful that you seem to be thinking about many things in spite of your busy schedule.It's important to always seek better methods and better results without being overwhelmed by the busyness of your work.Isn't it okay to have that feeling?However, it is already impossible for even Mr. Takita to grasp many of the female members, so I guess I have to know the personalities of other concierges and understand member trends from their words.It's a problem to be like a collection of individual sales for concierge units.Well, we always make an offer based on the concierge's comments, but we naturally expect Mr. Takita to have more insight than that.

  2. Thank you for your message (>_<) Takita will do his best to become a staff member who can meet your expectations! (>_<) I hope I can grow while learning and getting lost every day!! I hope you are always doing well♪

  3. I am one of the Tokyo members.But for some reason, I'm only indebted to places other than Tokyo. . .Sorry for not being able to do my best in Tokyo ^^;.But Takita-san and I have been indebted to each other for some time by exchanging e-mails.Since then, I've been curious when I see this blog.My performance may be better than the members other than myself.But I don't care about such things, I think I should be able to do more, and I should be able to do it.When I look back on those moments later, I think it was the moments when my skills as a professional were steadily improving.In my memory, it seems so.I actually respect Mr. Takita.Great professionalism.I want to entrust it to this person.I think I am one of those few people.Mr. Takita or Mr. Teratsuji.If you continue to walk this path and look back, you will soon become one of the few people in the world who are "honest, trustworthy, and able to grasp customers with your own face."It may look like a back road in the world, but it is one of the guidelines in this world where the market is definitely expanding.Honestly, honestly, I think so.Please continue to do your best.I want to send an email.I would like to express my gratitude to you as one of the people who warms my heart every day through your company's services.

  4. One of the Tokyo members.good morning.I am very impressed to read your happy comments from the morning.Takita usually looks like he's winning, so he doesn't whine too much, but I wondered if it's okay to whine sometimes (>_<) lol. Please (*^^*) ``Honest and trustworthy, people who can grasp customers with their own face.'' These words were really nice.I would like to grow up again so that I can experience this meaning myself!! Thank you very much!

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