I'm sorry if I made you feel cold!

I am always grateful for your help!

This is Matsuda from Universe Nagoya.

Nice ladies are visiting the Nagoya branch one after another.


Two months have already passed since I joined the company, and it will soon be three months.

We are still fumbling around, and we are in the process of communicating with our members.

I think most of the members have not been able to say hello even once.

I'm very sorry that I couldn't make a chance to say hello!

Under such circumstances, the communication tool with members is mainly by phone or e-mail, but for some reason, e-mail contact is like a cold business contact.

".", "desu", and "masu" change the feel of the sentence, so it's really difficult!
I try to write each letter carefully every day when I send emails, but it seems that the sentences I use on a daily basis have a habit, and it takes time to change them.

If you feel that Matsuda's e-mail is cold, please wait for a while, because I'm in a growth period right now.


I kindly thank you!

Tomoyuki Matsuda


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