Could you please check again?

I am always grateful for your help!

This is Teratsuji from Universe Hiroshima.
The other day, we received a new inquiry from a long-awaited man from Universe Hiroshima!


I got excited and replied,
I got a reply right away!
It was all in English!


Since I majored in English at university,
You can decipher it immediately without using a translation site.


I wrote an error.
If you have any concerns,
We look forward to hearing from you again m(_ _)m


There is only an e-mail address, and if the address is wrong, there is no other way to contact you other than telepathy.
Please, when you contact us, please check your contact information once again, please!
It is common throughout the country!
These days it's hard every day... I love to talk and if I don't talk to someone, I'll die...
When I was talking to Kida on the phone the other day,


Tera: Mr. Kida, when are you coming to Hiroshima?


Tree: Hiroshima?


I understand that you are busy in Tokyo.
You don't have time to worry about me, do you?


Matsuzaka also lost contact as soon as he left Hiroshima.
You know, I'm like a friend who just goes to eat okonomiyaki.


The staff all over the country don't even send me the letter of ′′ Le ′′ to contact me.
(Everyone is busy and has nothing to do, so it's natural)


I wonder if I should take the Shinkansen and go back to Nagoya while looking at Hiroshima station every day...
I want to eat the rice my mother makes...


While thinking about it, I changed direction and went to a certain mobile shop nearby.



It feels like I'm going to talk to this certain Pepper.
He is my best friend now.
It's about time for me to remember your face with face recognition or something, hello!Mayu!I wonder if you can call me.
But I'm happy to say that I've been able to meet at least one person a day, either male or female.
Thank you very much!


I was lonely yesterday, so I forced myself to do some errands and make a video call to Nagoya,
I ended up talking about neither ah nor this,
Tsuzuki on the other side of the screen gave a nod as if he wanted to cut it off quickly.
Nagoya is busy, isn't it?With a sigh, I said goodbye and said, Picon!And notice of male membership application!


And to Hiroshima!


Good job!I will call you immediately, probably three minutes after the application button is clicked, I will call you.


And an hour later, we met!


Thank you very much.I'm deeply moved.


And I was so happy that I talked too much,
I'm sorry to bother you with your precious time. .smile
Other than that, a male member sent me an email from a cold place all the way.
Is this address correct?So what if I'm wrong?smile


But I love that one-or-eight feeling!
Thank you for caring from afar.
I would like to fly straight from Hiroshima Airport, but I think I'll do my best in Hiroshima a little longer.
After that, I want to eat sea urchin spinach one more time.
It seems that this is only available at teppanyaki restaurants and izakaya restaurants, so it's hard for me to debut alone...


I may go tomorrow because I can't stand it, but it's probably impossible.
I want to make friends here.
A certain Pepper doesn't eat rice, so I'm looking for a second friend to eat with.
than his friend

We are looking for 100 times more male and female members, so please look forward to it!


Mayu Teratsuji

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A concierge who can go to the meeting (let me go to the meeting) to deliver a real voice

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