[Sendai] 2017/02/Woman Introduction Summary②

This is Mochizuki from Universe Sendai (^^)

Sendai is also getting warmer, albeit just a little bit.
The sun is warm, so there are days when it feels warm through the glass in the room.

While saying that, it suddenly snowed today (´;ω;`)

It seems that Haru-san was still playing hide-and-seek, even though it made it feel a little more like spring.

I feel that it has a small devil element unexpectedly.


Sendai is also getting more and more female admissions for spring!
Although February is still 2 days old, almost the same number of women have joined as in January.

Recently, I feel that the name recognition of the dating club itself is steadily increasing, such as being featured on TV.

Recently, a genre called "Fujijoshi" has also appeared!
“A woman who does not rely on others and saves for the future on her own.”


In such a way, is there anyone who is still hiding because they are worried about joining?



As a concierge, not a demon, all of the Universe staff will spare no effort in supporting those who have joined or are considering joining.

For those who are considering joining, if you have any questions, there is also a real-time consultation window, so please let us know (^o^)


It doesn't matter,
Mochizuki is working hard to get rid of the accumulated fat under the kotatsu this season.


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