Nagano, an apology, an antenna, and

Hello (^^)

This is Nagano from Universe Club Fukuoka Branch♪

In Kyushu, where the "spring storm" is blowing every day,
Is there a rush of interviews for women at the Fukuoka branch like a storm?
As the weather gets warmer and women have more opportunities to go out,

I am full of gratitude for coming to my office♪

By the way, the other day, Aso and Nagano had an opportunity to meet a male member in Tokyo.

This is a member who recently joined the club and has many opportunities to come to Fukuoka for business trips.



This time, I had the opportunity to come to Fukuoka on a business trip, so I received an offer from a Fukuoka woman, but the schedule didn't match and I had to cancel.


So I decided to ask you to both apologize and say hello.
I was a little worried because I was angry on the phone, but when I actually met him, my worries faded.


He was a friendly and cheerful person, and asked me a lot about his work and hobbies.

He had a lot of things to talk about, and I completely forgot about the apology and listened with great interest, such as the wristwatch sold exclusively for VIPs at Disneyland and the high-class beef bowl at the National Diet Building.



According to a male member, in order to entertain women, I always put up an antenna,

He said he was thinking about the story.



If you've heard this far, you're a member of Universe!

I didn't know you put so much effort into having a fun date with a woman (;゚ロ゚)Haha

I was just impressed.

I would like you to date many women because there are only such wonderful members!
We are setting up every day with this in mind.



We are looking forward to your offer in Fukuoka, where the number of registered women is increasing rapidly!

Daisuke Nagano

Dating club "Universe Club" is looking for male and female members who want to blow the spring breeze of love all over the country.
Membership registration is free, but interviews and screenings are required.
For details, please contact the local concierge

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