The difficult part of a two-man branch.

Thank you for all your continued patronage.
No, sorry for the long time.This is Kamiya from the Okinawa branch.


It's already the end of October,
I haven't seen my friends lately.


By the way, when I counted the number of times we met this month, it was only 7 days.
I think there were months in the summer where only four days fit together.


In fact, most of them are one-man businesses.

In that case, it is "common matter" that becomes important.


It's a so-called "memo", but it's a little difficult.How much do you take notes?
I also make a note of "Is there such a small thing?" and send it to my friends.


● Mr. A's memo
・It seems that the date didn't go well.
・ Send an apology for being late for the other party's date


Mr. B's memo
・ It may be a dating type scam, so be careful in the future
・I haven't received a reply yet.Prompting.A man has a request for a meal, so listen to it together.


●C-sama's memo
・I have sent you an email, but you may not be able to confirm it, so please be careful
・That woman doesn't seem to be my type


● Share dating feedback

●Communication commentary for the Universe Club as a whole (friends explain Kamiya's weak areas)


It's just an example, but if you rest for two days, it's a whole lot.
It may take some time to check if there is a holiday, so as not to leak it.


From the member's point of view, there is a leak

"It's a two-man branch, but you can't make it there?"

"Huh? Wry smile"

I feel like I'm going to have a good time with this memo and information sharing.


When two people go to work, they are next to each other, so it's pretty smooth.

I wonder if it's in the memory of the head.smile
(This is also difficult, so I will make a separate note.)

We are conscious of such a thing, and we are responding to it every day.


(*Picture: This is the tempura of "Urizun beans" in Okinawa. It's delicious. It's called "Shikakumame" in mainland Japan. Occasionally take a private photo...)


Now, I would like to touch a little bit on the subject of the campaign.

Actually, I received a word from an active member of the Okinawa branch.
Thank you for your cooperation!

Therefore,"Okinawa is good, isn't it?"I don't think so,
I am happy to publish it.



I joined at the Okinawa branch in April, and I'm still a 4-month inexperienced person.
I'm sorry, but I've been worried about various things to make an offer so far
I would like to thank the staff of the Okinawa branch for their full support.

I thought it would be meaningless if I didn't go dating on the first day, so
I did a thorough homework, mainly focusing on C and D types.
First, select your favorite in the photo, check the video
(Sometimes I think it's a completely different person when I see it in the video).
Also, regarding the photos, I wonder if they will be viewed on a smartphone or on a large PC screen.
The impression may be different, so be careful.
After that, carefully read the profile written by the person himself and the interviewed staff (here
Check the woman's personality, hobbies, and whether there is something you can have a common conversation with.)
If the staff profile is long, you can see that the preference for women is increasing.
I can feel it.

So far, I think everyone is doing what they usually do, but the Okinawa branch starts from here

・Register multiple candidate women in your favorites and contact the staff.
・Please disclose any information that concerns you other than what you have researched above.
(Sometimes I don't get an answer (laughs))
・ You can also receive introductions of women who suit your preferences from women who have offered you in the past.
(Sometimes I don't like it at all (laughs))
[The following is extra meddlesome? ? ]
・ It was also recommended by the staff's preference ...
・ I was told clearly that it doesn't suit you...
・ I was told to bring a souvenir with me...
The enthusiasm of the two young staff members is also amazing.

I am the only one who made an offer as a type B and really sincerely
We look forward to building a long-lasting relationship you can trust.



For current Okinawan male members,
For male members who transferred in the campaign,
We hope that we can provide a service that will satisfy you and your colleagues.



(*Picture: One day, Kamiya's work was supported by the team. Thank you very much for all your support. Thanks to you, I was able to do my best in the afternoon.)



(Well, I'm looking forward to hearing from you about your transfer request~^^)


Universe Club
Okinawa branch
Kii Kamiya

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