We are happy to hear from our members.For Kurosaki.

Thank you for all your continued patronage.
I am Ren Kurosaki, sub-chief coordinator of the West Customer Loyalty Group Osaka branch.

Two years have already passed since I joined the company.
Although the title is "I'm happy to receive such a message"
I've received a lot of happy words so far.

What I personally enjoyed the most was
The woman I interviewed seemed to be able to recommend
As I wrote in the club comment
I trusted it and got an offer!

Afterwards, she said, "I trusted Kurosaki-san's comment and went on a date with her.
I will continue to trust Mr. Kurosaki and the Universe Club in making offers! ”
That's what you said!
Of course, I'm happy that my personal rating has improved.
I was honestly happy that the credibility of the Universe Club has increased.

By being appointed to the position
I've had fewer interviews than I used to.
I will do my best to provide good encounters.
Thank you for your continued patronage!

Universe Club
Osaka Branch
Ren Kurosaki

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