It's not a Bunshun gun, it's a financial gun. (?)

Hello, this is Hayashi (=゚ω゚)ノ



It's almost November, isn't it?
Niigata is already cold.
The wind is cold during the day as well as at night.

But Hayashi is relatively thin <(_ _)>

Looking back, it's an image of catching a cold without learning every year.
I think invisible Eros is much more erotic
This year, I'm thinking of living with a lot of cloth. (smile)



Well, let me tell you.
This is about Niigata's information magazine "Zaikai Niigata", which published our club.

Thank you very much for the November issue on sale on October 10th.



About this article
It was about the difference between compensated dating and mistress contracts.

Articles for professionals
It draws the reader in easily and is interesting.
It was interesting, so I read it carefully.

Thank you for your prompt reply to my photo request
It's a pity that I couldn't use everyone's photos, but I'm allowed to use a few.
We would like to thank the female members of the Niigata Branch for their cooperation.
thanks so much…. (cries of joy)



It should be available at your local bookstore or convenience store.
By all means, I would be happy if everyone in the prefecture could pick it up and read it.

Thank you.



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