SALON staff appears here

Thank you very much for always watching.

East Customer Loyalty Group
I am Shimabara, in charge of THE SALON.

This is my first time posting here
I'm so nervous...

So I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is Koharu Shimabara and I joined THE SALON.

My hobbies are watching movies and reading comics.

Anyway, I love comics and I read them whenever I have time.

time while traveling by train
taking a break from work
When I'm waiting for someone... (laughs)

I like it anyway (laughs)

I'm confident that I can understand anything in recent manga
Ladies and gentlemen, if you don't mind, please talk to Shimabara about manga!

Lastly, regarding my view of love, I think there is a gap between the face and the face (laughs).

I'm the type who wants to live peacefully and peacefully when it comes to work or friendships, but...

When it comes to love, it becomes super carnivorous! ! !

I'm the type of person who acts intuitively
If I think this person is good, I will tackle him immediately.

My mouth and body move without thinking (laughs)
I can't wait (laughs)

That's why I didn't like men who like quiet or weak women at all...

Haneda also said that Koharu should calm down a little more.
I received your advice, so I hope to become that kind of woman someday☆

Thank you until the end.
I will write a blog for Universe again!


East Customer Loyalty Group
THE SALON Koharu Shimabara

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