Who is the rival of the male Universe Club member?


I am always grateful for your help!
My name is Teratsuji from the Sales Promotion Unit of the Universe Music Club.


Dear male member of Universe Club,
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I had a chance to talk with a certain male member the other day.
I learned a lot from listening to many very helpful stories, but at that time,

“I don’t know what kind of man my rival is.”

What he said was very impressive.


What, do you care about your rivals?
It seemed like he had a good relationship with women, so I thought that made sense.


For example, when a company launches a new product, it thoroughly researches the movements of its competitors and conducts market research.

What kind of products are there on the market?
Who is your target audience? What do people who use competitors' products like and buy?


I like stories like this.I would like to tell my younger self, who used to go to group parties all the time, that there was a world-class opportunity to get a job like this.


...I don't care about that story,


So, if you make an offer to a woman named A,
What kind of men are considering offers?
What kind of date plan do you have...,
He said that it was difficult to formulate strategies because he didn't know what the other male members of Universe Club were like.

Another thing I discovered is that the male members are thinking about various things in their activities.

Because I can't see my rival,
``Then what kind of man would women be happy with?'' ” imagineIt seems that they think about that image of a man and formulate a dating strategy when approaching women.

As long as I'm listening to you, I feel like it's a success, so my analytical skills are superior.


To the Universe Club website “Male members of Universe Club seen through data”There is a page called.


  • Occupation
  • annual income
  • Age group
  • Average number of offers
  • Data at the time of joining
  • Dating data


I can see something.I haven't looked at it very closely, but there's a lot of data posted there.

I just talked about it earlier"Rival statue"may be difficult to decipher from this data.


So this timeI wish I could tell you what the male members I have met so far feel like.

I don't think I will be found out, but if I were to be found out, it would be dangerous, so I would like to include some fiction (such as mixing Mr. A and Mr. B).

Now you can see who your competitors are!I don't think that's the reason, but I would be happy if existing members who are considering joining as a new member would take a look at this.


Doctor in his late 50s
Platinum class

  • Medium meat
  • Has a history of cheating
  • Looks like a science teacher (I'm told)
  • For my birthday, I was presented with a luxury bag and watch.
  • It looks like there will be a boy in the upper grades of elementary school (complete delusion)
  • I think it's pretty much laid on the wife's butt (complete delusion)


I like young women anyway
Around 20-24 years old
Overall, there tend to be more offers to women who appear to be strong-willed.
The biggest charm is the atmosphere where people seem to forgive you even if you say something selfish.
As a result, she becomes more and more selfish lol
I keep hearing what women want, and I'm so excited.
“I spend a lot of money, so I have to work harder.”
It was very impressive to hear him talking so happily.



Manager in his early 50s
Platinum class

  • I'm a bit short in height, but I have a sturdy body so it doesn't bother me.
  • I get a tan all year round from playing golf, so my white teeth stand out and I look very pretty.
  • If I have free time, I play golf with fellow managers.
  • If I have free time, I go out to the city at night with my fellow managers.
  • I have a feeling that there is a beautiful wife and a cute young lady with looks inherited from her impressionable age (complete delusion).
  • So, I'm having a hard time getting home so I'm going out to play.
  • Then, the wife becomes in a bad mood (complete delusion)
  • His looks used to be good-looking and popular, but now he looks like a dandy.
  • Anyway, he's very cheerful and seems to have a lot of female friends.
  • I also became good friends with the moms at the club.


I'm tired of playing golf, and going to bars is kind of pointless.
I'm tired of hanging out with all my male friends (fellow business owners), and I want to hang out with girls.
I'm a regular on the nightlife, so I have a discerning eye, so I tend to only offer to pretty women.
He is a dandy type guy who often goes out on the town at night and is used to treating women, so the women he goes on a date with will usually be able to promise to meet several times, and the probability of an adult relationship is high.
As for the terms of the allowance, it always goes well if you present what is said to be the market price.
But the frequency of contact has increased and the woman gets tired and we lose contact.
I thought that was no good at all, so I got together again with my fellow business owners, drank, complained, and went golfing, and then I started missing the girl again, so I started making offers over and over again.



Company executive in his early 70s
Black class

  • Looks like an old man with gray hair
  • A picturesque gentleman who looks like the principal, always wearing a jacket.
  • I'm in my 70s, so I'm a little loose here and there, but I'm still in good health.
  • I have a lot of money, my assets are terrible (complete delusion)
  • My wife is still alive and well (complete delusion), my children are now independent (complete delusion), and I decided to enjoy the rest of my life, so I joined the club.
  • What I usually enjoy is the presence of my grandchildren who sometimes come to my house (complete delusion)
  • What should I get as a Christmas present this year?However, my recent worries (complete delusion)


All I want to do is support the women who are doing their best and making more than one lap.
Therefore, it is not necessarily the idea that physical relationships are everything.
However, many women are popular because they have plenty of money and everything else, and they naturally end up in that kind of relationship.
However, it's physically exhausting, so it's okay to do that kind of thing once in a while.
Viewing art together for women's studies
Introducing business owners you know and supporting them to start their business
Investing for women who want to start a business
An old man with long legs
It is a series of steps until a woman succeeds and graduates on her own.



Late 60s Executive of a large company
Black class

  • Companies you've heard of, or rather everyone knows about.
  • He looks like a friendly old man with a gentleness.
  • As for my private life, I can't imagine it, but I think I have a wife around the same age who wears a kimono (complete delusion).
  • I live in a big house and seem to have an indoor dog (complete delusion, the breed is a golden retriever)
  • I think I own 3 shiny cars (complete delusion)


We live in a world where a man's quality is determined by the number of mistresses he has.
I already had a super beautiful mistress in the past.
I met a woman who works as a receptionist for a large company at a company party, and we started a mistress relationship.
We go golfing together and always accompany him to meetings with fellow managers.
I sometimes go out on the town at night with friends, but I don't like it, and it's more fun to be with my mistress.
But when that mistress gets married, it's a good farewell.
I joined a club to fill the feeling of loss and the hole in my heart.
Most of the offers are to model-class beautiful women in their late 20s to 30s.
However, sometimes I make offers to women in their 40s and 50s because they look like my first love...
I feel nostalgic as I remember my old youth.
He doesn't hesitate to give his allowance, and the restaurants he only reserves are top-class restaurants and places he uses incognito.
A relationship that is best described as a mistress who wants to provide long-term support.



Doctor in his late 40s
Platinum class

  • Tall and beautiful skin
  • Serious, kind and calm atmosphere
  • I have two children who are still at an age where they need a lot of care, so I think they're going to get a Chihuahua (complete delusion).
  • My family is close, family is important to me, and I love my wife too, but we're already family.
  • I don't want to end up as a man just yet.I'll be in my 50s soon, but before that, I want to bloom one more time.
  • Therefore, when it comes to relationships with women, we focus on physical compatibility.
  • I want to meet a woman who can't pay that much but is okay with it.
  • I don't like the entertainment industry, and I don't really go to the nightlife.


The search filtering conditions for profiles are almost fixed, and you can approach women who seem to be highly active from comments.
There were some good encounters and some bad encounters, and after making offers to women several times, I somehow got the hang of it and was able to meet several women who I meet regularly.
Right now, I only get offers about once every few months, but I don't miss checking out new women for fun every day, and I might make an offer someday, so the number of women I like is increasing, haha.


Sorry, I got so excited that I almost ended up writing about 10 more names.
*This is not a story about a specific man, there is no exact match, there is some fiction, but it's pretty much like this.


What kind of man is your rival?I feel like the result is not helpful,
We have male members from various age groups, from various occupations, and for various reasons.
What kind of women can I meet this time?I hope you are looking forward to it.

Many women say that listening to various stories on a date allows them to expand their knowledge and is fun.


Of course, there are many mismatched encounters.
However, all of the staff at Universe Club will continue to work hard to reduce the number of mismatches.


Thank you everyone for always using Universe Club!
If you are considering joining, we look forward to meeting you, so please come and have an interview.


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