The Diary of Riene: March 29, 10

It's been almost a week…! It's been a while since I missed so many days of updates, hasn't it? Well, it was a really hectic weekend, and I had so much to do that it wasn't easy to carve out enough time for the staff diary…! Sorry about that, everyone!

Though, I had two days off yesterday and Tuesday, so I do have a perfectly good excuse for that LOL I've been resting a lot at home though, since I have actually been really tired lately. plus I was also helping out with the international branch! So, well, do expect a few more photos and features coming up soon ^^

I've also been thinking of more features to post – perhaps date spots for Phase 3, or perhaps even more restaurant recommendations that are classy yet not as upscale/stuffy? I figured that maybe, some of the restaurants I had posted about might be a bit too much for first dates!

I can't wait for Phase 3 to begin, seriously! I want karaoke joints to reopen so that I can sing all my favorite anime and Kpop songs with my best friends T_T But hey, live performances are beginning to open up so maybe there will be more entertainment choices for everyone soon 🙌🙌🙌

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