2020. 10, 29

You can have a date by e-mail... so...?

The era is Reiwa, the world is peaceful, let's all create a circle of encounters.
Thank you as always, Chekeraccio Asami.
Before the main subject, the recent events of the Hiroshima staff,


I'm always surprised when I see the big explosion of characters on my blog, Aoki, in front of my PC.
Even if I speakYes.” “Yes.” “Hahaha.”"Whenprobably because they hate meI can only say.

(((Can you speak more than 5 characters...?)))

and. (impoliteness)


I think Pepper-kun or Siri can talk to me in a wider variety of ways.
The other day,Hey Siri, sing because I'm depressed"I am nearing the end of my life.
What happened?You sang it well.Jugem jugem worn out of the five dynasties...
Don't cut it there... I can't wear out my mentality.


When I said that to the main hall when I went to work at the office, "Mr. Aoki has a point when he speaks.Hmm.Don't you even know that?"and. .

Oops, master.Is that so.So to speak, it feels like a blackbeard crisis.
It's like when you stick a sword in a pot, a character will finally come out.
But it is difficult for me who has no communication skills.Very difficult. .
And this, I was afraid that if I made a mistake, my tongue would be clicked.


On the other hand, Master Hondo is a mass of communication skills, so if you talk once, he will talk 1 times.
Than Asami who bites the uninteresting rap at the beginningfunny thingThea lotHe will talk to me.However, in the blog, it is a title kiza character. ← remoteness


But I'm sure that each person has their own points, right?
Only for male members of the Hiroshima branch in October, so that the male members of the Hiroshima branch will be able to hit the points!
What to do if you slip!I was so nervous that I had an offline date instead of an online date! (quite imaginative)


The content is neither ZOOM nor LINE video call.
"Message” is an exchange.


I'm so impressed with Asami's gratitude that this is addicted to those who are addicted to it without slipping again! !
The first time I received a screenshot, so
It was also a little fun to see what kind of message the woman was sending (*^^*)


Face-to-face, usually at homewon't talkI can talk to Aoki who can't talk if it's a message! !I don't care about the reaction of the other party that Hondo says!very good! !
When,Born from a story that cannot be told without tearsI was really happy to set up the date for the offline date.

With that in mind, the Hiroshima branch is taking on various challenges!


I'm very happy that even women who don't like online dating can take offline dating and expand the opportunities to meet people.
I'm not sure if I'll do it in November.But I want toI wonder if I'll do itIs a secret.
However, I would like to continue to offer benefits that can only be received by men at the Hiroshima branch.
Please join us at the Hiroshima branchThank you m(_ _)m


By the way, when I told Aoki that frozen XNUMX-Eleven chocolate sticks were delicious and crunchy, I got the most response.
2nd place changed their hairstyle?is.

Chocolate sticks are delicious for 100 yen, so please use them as a companion for your desk work.

*The story that happened at the Hiroshima branch is partly fiction based on a true story.

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