Online Date Campaign + NEW OnLINE date service

Online Date Campaign Extended and the NEW OnLINE service.

With the Online date service using “Zoom”, we are now introducing the new OnLINE date service using the WhatsApp and LINE app.

With the new OnLINE date service, members will be able to use the LINE app effects to have sunglasses or change into funny characters (Not available for WhatsApp). Also, female members will receive a gift when they have an online date.

Details for Zoom online date service
Details for Online Date with Zoom

Service period:

2020/4/1 ~ Undetermined until the Covid-19 situation settles down

Eligible members:

All class gentlemen members
*Eligible members revised on April 2020, 4

OnLINE date fees

  • ・Standard: 15,000 JPY
  • ・Gold: 20,000 JPY
  • ・Platinum: 30,000 JPY
  • ・Black: 55,000 JPY for Tokyo, Osaka, International(Japan, Singapore, Taiwan). 45,000 JPY for other branches

*Revised on 2020/4/3 rates for service expansion to LINE and WhatsApp. Pricing will include a compensation gift of 5,000 JPY to the ladies.

What is an online date?

Online date is a Video date with the interviewed and verified registered Sugar Babies using WhatsApp, Zoom, or the LINE app.

Please have the required application downloaded by the scheduled OnLINE date.

Download WhatsApp

Download LINE


Special gift to our Sugar Babies

Ladies precipitating in the OnLINE date will receive 5,000 JPY through a bank transfer, originally for transportation compensation from the gentlemen.
The gift will be sent to the Sugar Babies after the OnLINE date from Universe Club.
*Revised on 2020/4/8 Compensation method has changed from a Amazon gift to a bank transfer payment.


OnLINE date terms & conditions:

  • ・The staff will make a group in either LINE or WhatsApp 5 min before the OnLINE date.
  • ・Regarding LINE users, please change your LINE name if you are using your real name. In addition, LINE users will be able to use the effects in the app using the video call. the effect function.)
  • ・There will be no time extensions for the Video calls.
  • ・Please consult with the staff if you have trouble with internet connections.
  • ・Please be in a quiet location when on an OnLINE date outside to avoid any sound trobles.
  • ・Please be careful of family members when using the OnLINE service at your home.
  • ・To prevent being identified, please be cautious of what you show through the camera.
  • ・Always be alone when on an OnLINE date.
  • ・Regarding Zoom users, sharing the video date URL, recording, and screenshots of the date are strictly prohibited.
  • ・Members during the OnLINE date are free to exchange contact details.
  • ・The club rules will not apply when meeting your OnLINE partner in person after the video date. Make sure to discuss with your partner regarding dating compensation.
  • ・Please make sure to have a fully charged phone during the OnLINE date.
  • ・The OnLINE date will be for 30 minutes.



How to request an OnLINE date:

  • 1.Please select the “Request Setting” on your chosen Sugar Baby profile page.
  • 2.In the “Enter Setting Detail” page, please type in that you would like to have an OnLINE date with your preferred app (LINE, WhatsApp, Zoom)
  • 3.After confirming the details, please send your request and our staff will contact you to process your request.


Campaign terms and conditions:

  • ・The OnLINE date service will require a download of either LINE, Whatsapp, or Zoom.
  • ・The OnLINE dates will be rescheduled if there is any trouble with your internet connections.
  • ・A refund with Universe Club points will be commenced if there are difficulties in rescheduling your OnLINE date.
  • ・A Cash refund will not be applicable once an OnLINE date is scheduled and confirmed.
  • ・Always be alone when on an OnLINE date.
  • ・Regarding Zoom users, sharing the video date URL, recording, and screenshots of the date are strictly prohibited.
  • ・Please consult with the staff if you have trouble with internet connections.
  • ・Internet fees might become costly, depending on your mobile carrier plans.
  • ・Please understand some Sugar Babies might decline an OnLINE date.
  • ・Please note your scheduling appointments request for OnLINE dates may change due to the limit of OnLINE dates each branch can schedule for each day.
  • ・OnLINE dates will be canceled for members with expired memberships regardless of the date being confirmed before the expiration.
  • ・Exchange of contacts during the OnLINE dates will be up to the two parties, and Universe Club can not take any responsibilities. Make sure to exchange contact details during the OnLINE date.
  • ・This service does not apply to Nigata branch registered girls.


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