Fashionable and undressing, sometimes rude

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I am Ren Kurosaki, sub-chief coordinator of the West Customer Loyalty Group Osaka branch.

Representative Kida distributed a set of suits to all the staff!
Thank you! \(^o^)/

・Jacket pattern
・The color of the shirt
・The material of the necktie etc…

It is difficult to set guidelines as to how far the company can go.
It depends on the distribution of suits common to all staff.

Some people, like me, simply rejoice
“Let me wear my suit as I please!”
Some people may think so.
I used to have that kind of personality.
Is it considered fashionable?
It's up to the other person to decide whether it's worthy of being rude.

It doesn't matter to the other person if you think you're fashionable and wear it.

I think the same thing can be said about hair color.
"Up to color number ◯!"
I think there are a lot of companies and industries that are determined to be.
However, in reality, there are a minority of people who feel uncomfortable just because they have brown hair.
In other words, if you say "old habit", it's over
"If anyone feels even a little uncomfortable, wear black hair."
That is, there is a dozen theory that nothing can be said.

I don't know what to say about this blog
Thank you for reading to the end.

Thank you for your continued support of Universe Club.

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