Campaign silly!

We become indebted to.
I'm East Customer Loyalty Group SubChief, but I'm still new.

Ito I have a chance to post a blog, so let me say what I wanted to say.

What is the November campaign?

I'm not going to recommend a campaign, so I won't put a link.

Please set the point reduction rate of the Tokyo head office to 50%.

No, rather, please make the reduction rate of 1% the NO90 in the country.

Of course, the man I was in charge of interviewing,
I communicate with many male members on a daily basis.

Huh, are you going to transfer?


That's right.
I am also a male member.
It's about normal after moving.


From the man who was in charge of interviewing Mr. Ito
“I think I will be leaving the Tokyo branch of Ito-san, who I interviewed with, but thank you for your help.”
I was contacted.
(The text has been changed because I am quoting without permission.)

Ito's reply

"Ito collapsed from grief!"
"I'm Ito, who's barely holding on to one knee!"


(If you think that I have lied for the blog, please see the emails sent by Ito on 10/28 12:45 and 10/28 13:41.)


I'm not asking you to stop the campaign.

I want the Tokyo head office point return rate to be 90%!
80% is fine, 50% is fine.

What is 10%?
What does the Tokyo head office look like?


I want to express my gratitude to men in Tokyo with points, services, and some special benefits!
But it's not my decision.

Just angry!

Well, why don't you do your best to do something other than point reduction?
Looking for something else you can do yourself?

And this blog is all-you-can-eat.

Do it before you are told.
We value our members who are here today.

Please take care of the members more than ever at the branch that you transferred from the Tokyo head office.


Please take a closer look at the details.
Please greatly reduce mismatching compared to when you belonged to Tokyo.
Please do a better follow-up after the date than when you were in Tokyo.





Thank you to all the staff across the country.
Of course no one is at fault, no one is your enemy in sales.
It is a universe group at all.

Above all, it was Ito who thought that no matter what he said at the end, he had made enemies of all the branches.

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East Customer Loyalty Group Sub Chief
Nozomi Ito

Author of this article

I will continue to be a rookie Ito. talk to this staff

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