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This is Takashima from the Universe Club Osaka branch.

Mysterious high fever continued this month, and I visited other hospitals
This is takashima, who was diagnosed with pneumonia. (second time)

I took a break for about two weeks because of the mysterious high fever that didn't go away.

After knowing the cause, when it comes to the last day of the treatment period
That mysterious high fever was so energetic that I almost forgot what I was doing.

I really wanted to go outside
I couldn't help but want to meet people

It's really a serious disease that gets worse the older you get.
Please take pneumonia prevention from the age of XNUMX!

Although the title is "Goen",

When I was in elementary school, we often talked about moving to various places.

When I moved, I often met people from the elementary school I was planning to enter.

If I moved there, would we have become best friends?And
If you were the opposite sex, would you have become a lover? (I would never do it now)

What were you talking about?

In the end, I didn't have to move due to timing.
Even if we don't move, we'll meet when we meet

On rare occasions, there are people who give money because of some kind of fate.
Recently, I've come to understand a little more how people feel.

Male and female members who were dating at a place other than the club
Maybe we'll meet in some way.

Charalalaran, charalalaran, charalalaranccha, charalalaran~♪
(Ending song of Strange Story)

It was supposed to produce a sparkling reunion
This song played in the background music in my head while I was typing.Excuse me.

If I write more than this, it seems that I will head in a direction that I do not understand well
I apologize for this.

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