I'm happy to hear this kind of message from a member ~In the case of Nakagawa~

Thank you for visiting the Universe Club blog.

The theme of this blog is "I'm happy to receive such a message from a member".
After all, I am happiest when I receive an inquiry from a woman I interviewed.

Furthermore, I would be even happier if it was an inquiry to a woman I recommended.
I want to tell you everything about the goodness of that woman! ! !I'm pretty excited (laughs)
After all, it will be a very enthusiastic registration for the women I recommend, so (laughs)

I am also very happy when I receive good feedback from both men and women after the first date.
From the beginning, I thought that the two of you would have a similar feeling.
The male and female members who expected it without permission are still feeling
I'm grinning (・∀・) that there was.

After that, I told the members, "The woman Mr. Nakagawa recommended was definitely there!"
I remember being very happy when I was first told.
It may be the best part of this job to hear such wonderful words (*^^*)
As a concierge, I hope to receive such wonderful words in the future.
I would like to improve further, so please take care of me.

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