"100 million from daddy" Boobs hurt at this time

Hello, Christmas is approaching and the city is full of illuminations
It's Mizushima with big boobs!

Counting until the year-end and New Year holidays,
Remembering the final tax return makes my breasts hurt.

Ladies and gentlemen of the club, are your breasts okay? ?
(I just wanted to say it because I didn't say boobs too much)

By the way, I'm sure some of you are familiar with boobs.
At the Universe Club,
Period from June 2022th to July 4th, 21
Entitled "Papa, let's pay the tax."
We held a contest to solicit questions and answers on tax law.

Thank you very much for all your applications!

Daddy activities that can feel "extraordinary" and taxes are important things that cannot be separated.

It is a project designed to deepen understanding by freely posting questions and answers, while many people find it difficult to consult or feel uneasy about Papa tax.

We are not currently accepting questions and answers.
You can check the contents so far,
Let's learn more about Papa tax and enjoy Papa next year!

It's a contest again, so we're also announcing the results!

Please take a look ♪
Then ~ Boobs! !

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Papa living tax.Click here for the contest page

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