LET'S PAY SUGAR TAXESPapa living tax.Result announcement

Papa living tax.

Universe Club Announcing the results of the Q&A Contest "Let's pay the tax."
Thank you for your many applications.
We deeply apologize for the time it took for the selection process due to so many wonderful questions.

248 questions, 706 total answers.

Best Question Award

After all, I will seriously pay my taxes!
Please let me know if there is anything I should do on a regular basis to make the final tax return easier.

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  • Female
  • good night miffy
Best Answer Award

  • Sakura mochiGeneral

If you want to manage easily with a smartphone, you can use customer management and sales management apps for night shifts.
Income and gifts can be recorded in a calendar format, and it is easy to summarize later.

Jury selection

While there are many questions such as whether you should pay and how you can avoid it, you take "Papa, let's pay the tax" as a positive word, try to be careful on a daily basis, and try to change your mind. I'm happy with my posture.
Have you already experienced it?Sakuramochi's answer gave us a glimpse of the kindness that is passed down from seniors to juniors.
It's not particularly difficult, but I was blown away by this interaction.
A good question has a good answer, and vice versa, so I chose a set of questions and answers.
Good night Miffy-san, Sakuramochi-san
お め で と う ご ざ い ま す.

Excellent question award

My dad told me that it would be cheaper to hire him as an employee and give it as a salary.
I would like to know because I don't know how much it will be cheaper specifically.

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Excellent answer award

  • ReiGeneral

Like the questioner Mayu, I am a female member in her 20s.

Benefits for dad

・Since salaries, insurance premiums, etc. can be used as company expenses, the corporate tax amount of the father's company will be reduced.

・ Get personal information under the pretext of hiring an employee

Benefits for the PJ side (Mayu)

・Because you will be paying income tax instead of gift tax, you can take various tax-saving measures than gift tax

・Annuity payment will be XNUMX/XNUMX with the company

・Health insurance will be XNUMX/XNUMX with the company

・Benefits for sickness and childbirth

・In some cases, you can receive unemployment insurance even if you are separated from your father.

There are many benefits such as...
I will give you important personal information.
I think that careful consideration is necessary.
We hope for your reference.

Excellent question award

I bought Tawaman under my name!In this case, it seems that I will be subject to gift tax, but what will happen if my father also pays this tax?

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  • Shimeji

Excellent answer award

  • rural tax accountant_General

If you pay tax, you will also be subject to gift tax.
For example,
In 4 ① Have a tower apartment buy it.
In the final tax return for 4 years of Reiwa, pay ② gift tax for ① tower condominium.
With the tax return for 5 years of Reiwa, we will pay ③ gift tax for ② gift tax for 4 years of Reiwa.
With the final tax return for 6, pay the gift tax for ③ gift tax for 5
Continue until the gift tax falls below 110 million yen

Excellent question award

It's hard to count whether it's over 110 million yen or not.
Do you have any suggestions?

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  • Rice cake

Excellent answer award

  • Han silently praises and killsGeneral

Etsuko Watakushi calculates the amount of money she received on that day and writes XNUMX yen (so that only she can understand) in front of or behind her contact information.If I do that, I think she will try to be a little kinder, and I feel like my attitude will naturally change (laughs).

Excellent question award

How much gift tax do I have to pay if I receive an allowance of 250 million a year?

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Excellent answer award

  • Gentle PapaGeneral

Although it differs between special and general, in the case of 250 million yen, the tax line will not change.
minus the basic deduction
250 million yen - 110 million yen = 140 million yen will be taxed.

In the case of 140 million yen, the tax rate is 10%
1400000 × 0.1 = 140000
Therefore, 14 yen will be the gift tax to be paid.
National Tax Agency website:

Excellent question award

I've heard that money received as a social custom or courtesy is not subject to gift tax (as long as it's a common sense amount).Is this a job celebration?Is it okay if I don't include the amount in the calculation if I receive it at each milestone?

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  • Yoshiko

Excellent answer award

  • fighting tax accountantGeneral

Let's talk in general first.This is a classic gift tax evasion tool.The tax office also recognizes that this is a daily occurrence.
If you are subject to an investigation by the tax office, what kind of relationship does it have to receive congratulations from people who are not related to you?I will ask you without a doubt.Based on the explanation, etc., it is determined whether or not the gift is subject to the gift tax.

Jury selection

We received a total of 954 posts, such as specific numbers and whether there was such an idea, and we could see the present of the people involved in the Papa tax.

  • ・ Advantages and disadvantages of receiving allowances by salary
  • ・If the father pays the gift tax
  • ・Means to count 110 million yen
  • ・Tax amount when receiving an allowance of 250 million yen
  • ・If you replace it with a New Year's gift or a job celebration instead of an allowance
Among the many wonderful posts, I have selected five that left an impression on me as a set of questions and answers.I think both of you are real tax accountants, but thank you for enlivening this project with accurate answers.I would be happy if even one of the people who visited here could put into action "Let's pay the tax."
Congratulations to all the award winners.

Judge's General Comment

Thank you very much for posting many questions and answers to "Let's pay the tax for Papa."
The purpose of this initiative was to deepen the understanding of tax laws by everyone involved in Papa Katsu.
Among the 248 questions and 706 answers we received, there were positive and negative answers, and there were various correct and incorrect answers. By freely posting answers, I was able to deepen my understanding of tax law, and I think it was a very good competition.

Papa katsu is recognized as prostitution in Japan.
One of the reasons for this is the lack of tax awareness.
In order to overcome this situation, we will work to raise awareness of tax payment from the standpoint of both platformers and players.
Finally, I will explain the benefits of paying gift tax.
Suppose that you have saved 1000 million yen in Papa Katsu (without declaration).
You can't buy a car or an apartment with that money, and you can't put money in the bank.
And I will continue to make small payments for 10 years while being nervous about the tax office.
If you declare it, even if your take home is 800 million at that time, you can use it more meaningfully than if you were nervous for 10 years, and depending on how you manage it, you can make over 1000 million.
In the long run, I believe that if I pay tax on my father's funds as income and manage it properly, I can achieve true independence.
"Let's pay the Papa Katsu tax." And hope that Papa Katsu can contribute to society.
All the judges