I may have lost my ability to communicate.

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I am Mio Katayama from the Kyoto branch.

Appeared on the blog for the first time in about a year...(◞‸◟)
2022 is almost over, isn't it?
What kind of year was everyone?

From 2022/4 to 2022/10, I was transferred to an email-only department.
It was a few months, but I was involved with a male member other than the Kyoto branch.
Also, the section was indebted to a lot of members.

Then, in October, I returned to Kyoto, and I am recovering my senses after having interviews with women and men for the first time in a long time.

After all, what I feel during interviews is that I like interacting with people ~ I love talking ~ (*_ _)

In departments that only use e-mail, there is often little communication.I often felt that if I didn't speak, the words wouldn't come out right away, and my communication skills had dropped.

Do you like talking to people?Are you not good at it?

Conversation in Papa lifeimportantIs not it!
In particular, there are many members who do not know what to talk about because of the age difference.

In such a case, the other person's hobbies and interests, their career so far, what they want to do in the future, etc.
interested in the other"Why did you think so?""Why did you come to like ○○?"When I start thinking about it, I feel like the conversation will naturally flow ♪

I want to talk to someone!Just listen!I can't tell anyone, but I want you to listen!
Etc. When it's like that, please shout out anytime regardless of men and women ✨


See you in the next blog (^^♪

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