What is the platonic daddy life that is the hot topic on the street?

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The words we will introduce this time are “platonic dad activities”



What is platonic dad life?

Platonic daddying is different from general daddying, and refers to a relationship in which sexual elements are excluded.
Usually between a young woman (sugar baby) and an older man who can afford it (sugar daddy), daddying is where the woman offers sexual favor to the man in exchange for money or gifts. It is common to provide a close relationship.
On the other hand, platonic dad-hunting aims to exclude sexual relationships and focus on emotional connection and support.



Characteristics of platonic daddy life

1. Mental support

Mental support plays an important role in platonic fatherhood.Sugar babies may receive advice and guidance from sugar daddies, and it is common for them to seek personal growth and emotional support.

2. Sharing knowledge and experience

Sugar daddies may share their knowledge and experiences with sugar babies, creating an educational relationship.This gives young women the opportunity to learn new skills and receive life advice.

3. Financial support

Even in platonic daddy activities, financial support may be provided in some cases, but it is generally relatively small compared to the sexual element.Money or gifts may be offered to complement the spiritual connection.



The idea behind platonic fatherhood

There are several ideas and motivations behind platonic daddying.

1. Self-growth

Young women may seek to further their personal growth through knowledge and experience from their sugar daddies.Through these relationships, you can learn new skills and lay the foundation for future success.

2. Financial support

Some sugar babies may ask for financial support.However, in the case of platonic daddying, you can receive financial support without seeking a sexual relationship.

3. Reduced feelings of loneliness

Platonic daddying can help reduce feelings of isolation and isolation.Particularly age-distant partnerships can provide new friendships, companionship, and emotional support.


Points to keep in mind when working as a platonic dad

There are some points to keep in mind when it comes to platonic fatherhood.To ensure the health and safety of your relationship, it's important to keep the following in mind:

1. Consent and transparency

Both parties should have clear agreement on the rules and objectives of the relationship.Transparency and open communication are the cornerstones of a healthy platonic dad experience.

2. Mental health

It's important that relationships have a positive impact on your mental health.When stress or discomfort arises, find ways to deal with it appropriately.




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Platonic daddying is a new way of getting along with men and women that excludes sexual elements.
If you are interested, why not try this kind of involvement!
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