Do you know the meaning of papa conjugation?

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Often used in dad life


dad conjugation


Do you know what that is?

I think you'll probably see this in your life as a father, so
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All you need to know is this: Dad's conjugated words


``Regular'' refers to a daddy activity where the condition is that you meet regularly.

Basically, you decide how many times you will meet each month, and the allowance will be decided accordingly.

In the past, there were many ways to sign a contract and pay in a lump sum at the first time or at the end of the month, but due to the increase in fraudulent activities, recently the ``pay-as-you-go'' method has become the norm.



Tea means a coffee date or coffee shop date.It seems that this phrase comes from the old pick-up phrase, "Would you like to have some tea?"

It is used to say, "How about some tea?"



Warikiri refers to receiving (giving) allowances in exchange for having a physical relationship.

The point is that it is a fair (physical) relationship with compensation.

Men are concerned with money, and women are concerned with their bodies.It includes the meaning of taking the emotional part into account.

Examples include ``How about 3 splits?'' and ``I'd like XNUMX splits, please.''



“Proactive” basically meansMeaning of “Adult OK”There is a tacit understanding.

However, some inexperienced women``Some people misunderstand the meaning of ``active'' and understand it as ``to meet proactively.''So be careful.

"Seeking a positive relationship""I would like to meet you positively...” is an example.


・Specs, spec values, specs

Spec is an abbreviation of specification, meaning specifications, performance, etc.

It was originally a term used for machines, but it has come to be used by women who are working as fathers to express their personal style.

It's obvious, but only women who are confident in their looks and style write about it in their profiles.

Also, when you write ``supe value'', it gives the impression that you are used to being a dad, so it is a word that needs to be used with caution.

As a supplement, the method for calculating the special value is described below.

"Height - weight = special value".

A weight of 110 is considered normal, and anything over that weight is considered thin (however, 110 is thinner than a typical normal weight and is close to a beauty weight).


・Support, support, support available

This word needs to be used with caution, as it can be used to mean the same thing as ``support'', ``with allowance'', or ``supported companionship with an adult''.

You need to find out what meaning the other person is using.Please note that the word "support" alone can sometimes refer to an adult (sexy) person, and the word can be interpreted differently by both parties.

Originally, it was often used as a paraphrase for subsidized dating, such as ``with support,'' but in dad-katsu, it is also often used to mean that you want financial support other than allowances.

Examples include ``I would like to receive your support (please support me)'', ``I would like to receive support (I would like some allowance)'', ``I would like support (adult request)'', etc.



The term ``release'' is generally used to mean releasing fish into a river or ocean, but in Papakatsu it is used to mean letting go of someone.

The point is to end the father-hustle relationship.

It is used to say, ``I didn't like her looks, so I let her go.''


・Dokata (Hijikata), Vagina Hijikata, ⚒, ⚒️

It's a word used to despise the act of adulthood (sex) itself, or women who are active as dads.

I think it's often used by girls who only go on healthy dates as a bad word, or by adult girls who want to be dads and use it as self-deprecation.

It is used to say, ``Papa-katsu, or just Hijikata...I want to quit Hijikata.''



Summary|It is best to use dad conjugation words in moderation!

We have introduced various terms and idioms so far, but what do you think of them?Some of the terms I introduced this time are special, and I'm sure there were some that even those with experience as fathers may not know.

As long as you know just the basics of dad conjugation words, you won't have any problems.In fact, if you use it too much, people might think you're used to it.In particular, avoid using assisted dating terms even if you know them.

However, if you don't know the basic dad conjugation words, you won't be able to proceed smoothly with the negotiations, so even if you don't use them, be sure to remember their meanings!

See you in the next article!
I hope everyone's life as a dad is fulfilling!

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