A mistress is recommended for midlife crisis

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All of a sudden, everyone,


Midlife crisis


Do you know the word?
The other day, there was a post in which the reason for joining was ``I felt like I was having a midlife crisis.''
I didn't know the word, so I listened to ChatGPT and thought about the word and its background.


What is midlife crisis?

Midlife crisis refers to a psychological state or transition period that occurs during midlife, usually between the 40s and 50s.
During this period, various factors often cause individuals to doubt their lives and force them to make important decisions.



How to deal with a midlife crisis

Some ways to deal with a midlife crisis include:
  • Look at yourself objectively and objectively
  • Don't impose your own suffering on the other person, and maintain a sense of distance so that you don't have to accept the suffering of the other person.
  • Expand your own hobbies and friendships
  • establish one's worldview
  • Prioritize yourself and strive for self-care
  • exercise
  • try new things
  • Stay away from SNS



It is also important to ``move forward'' even when faced with conflicts. Instead of moving as frantically as I did when I was in my 20s and 30s, I was trying to find out what I felt like, ``Maybe I should try this,'' or ``This might be suitable for me,'' and I was trying to figure out who I was at that moment. It's about finding something that seems like a good fit.


It was written that, but as expected, that is ChatGPT, and I don't understand it.
If the old man who made his second adolescence difficult could practice ``smiling often,'' we wouldn't have this problem in the first place.
Therefore, I would like to propose a more realistic solution than this superficial solution.



That is love.

This can cure most of the complicated diseases of men, including chuunibyou.
If you feel blocked in your life, open up a hole.



There are several reasons why men in their 50s are popular.

  • Feel the freedom of an adult
  • A gentleman and good at treating women
  • financially comfortable
  • We have similar values ​​and can discuss it.
  • mentally and financially independent
  • makes me feel pampered



that's right.I haven't thrown it away yet.
However, a 50-year-old likes a 19-year-old on a matching site!I feel like if I send it, I will be reported.
that's right.Society isn't kind to 50-year-old men in love.
And isn't it something that can be cured by a one-night compensated relationship with Toyoko kids?



So what I would like to recommend ismistress.
The only way to solve your midlife crisis is to find a mistress.
Since ancient times, the topics of literary greats, the subjects of popular songs, and the rulers of heroes' shadows have all been lovers.
Yes, if you have read this far, you already know.
Yes, it's advertising.
We recommend the dating club, a mistress matching service, as a magic bullet for midlife crisis.

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