After Papa Katsu Summit [Kazu-sama Advent]-Question Answer-

Hello everyone.

This is mizushima, who is the moderator of the papa katsu summit.

Thank you to the approximately 8 people who participated in the Papa Katsu Summit on August 25th.

The sound of applause resounds...!


What is “Papa Katsu Summit”?


First, let's talk about "summit".

Summit is generally a common name for "developed country summit" (major country summit). (Omitted) Not only conferences between countries, but also events where representatives of companies and industries gather to exchange opinions are sometimes called 'summits'.

What is “Papa Katsu Summit”?

It is a place where people who stand at the top and front of the dad life industry gather and exchange opinions.


The first time to commemorate such a "papa activity summit" is

Anonymous Question Box·column"darlingMr. Kazu, who is familiar with ”, took the stage.


Kazu-sama is also an active member of the Universe Club.

I don't know about my dating experience until now.


Centering on Kazu's dating activities,

Exchange opinions about dating activities with the participants,

It was a great success (again applause!!)



Overwhelming thanks!


"That's why it's a great success because it's the moderator..."


Of course I say this because I'm the moderator! !

I'll say it even if I'm not the moderator! ! !


BecauseLike you can only hear at Papa Katsu Summit,


Oh, this story and this story.


Allowance amountAndtiming of negotiations,

point of contactI heard a serious story about


It was a lot of content that I can't talk about if it's not a member.


Around here by all meansYouTubePlease listen!

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Let's get straight to the point!

After the Papa Katsu Summit, we have summarized the questions we received from Mr. Kazu!


answering questions


Of course, this is the answer that I asked Mr. Kazu properly.

I didn't write it on my own! !

If you are worried, please ask Kazu-sama in the anonymous question box! ! !


Question ①

I didn't get the question in time, but could you tell me the success rate (probability of being able to go to the hotel after that) that you have decided?


~Answer from Kazu~

Our success rate is about XNUMX%.

A little less than XNUMX% are whether I met the wishes of the woman or disbanded because the wishes did not match.


Question ②

Lastly, I forgot to ask about birth control.

Did you say that there are quite a few people who are OK without skins?


~Answer from Kazu~

I don't want skins without skins, but I feel like about XNUMX% of women said they would be okay without skins from the first time.

I appreciate your kindness when I was told that it was OK without skins even though it hadn't been going on for months.

I wonder if they are usually doing it raw.


Question ③

Mr. Kazu, please tell me why you wanted to offer a woman who has experience in sex industry.


~Answer from Kazu~

Until I joined the dating club, I was going to a sex club, so I almost certainly missed him.

Because I wanted to hold a seminar to have women wear techniques.is.


Question ④

Is it painful to shave your vagina?


~Answer from Kazu~

It doesn't hurt.There are few salons that can remove hair from the testicles, so I did my best to find one.


Question ⑤

Roughly speaking, are the women in the salon black class or higher?


~Answer from Kazu~

Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.

I have the impression that the salon is registered by women who do not want to show their faces.

So I think it's an advantage to be able to meet women who aren't in the universe.


Question ⑥

Whether you want to continue or not is a condition, right?


~Answer from Kazu~

I agree.If you give me some money, it will be a great motivation to continue.



Question ⑦

Do you have dinner party experience?


~Answer from Kazu~

I have.After all, I think that I have to have a dinner party once.My impression is that when I make an offer, I want to concentrate on getting along with the woman.

After all, XNUMX:XNUMX is good.

However, I was able to discover an unexpected side of the man who participated with me.


Question ⑧

I'd like to know the name of the specific store (for the face-to-face meeting)!


~Answer from Kazu~

Perhaps because they see it when setting up, the staff at the branch know about it.



Don't you have a lot of racy questions...?smile

If you don't feel refreshed, please ask Mr. Kazu in the anonymous question box♪



How was the first “Papa Katsu Summit”?


Kazu-sama was selected as a speaker for the first Papa Katsu Summit

Am I a genius? ? ?


Well, Kazu-sama is superHypergeniusThat's the main premise! ! !



We are looking for performers at the dad live summit!


There are as many social activities as there are people.

Please tell us about your dating activities♪


Even if you feel "normal" yourself,

You look very nice to others

It can also be a new discovery.


To the address that the member exchanges on a daily basis,

For non-members, please use the HP application form or the address you have already exchanged

Please contact us after specifying that you would like to appear at the Papa Katsu Summit.


We are looking forward to your application!



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It's a fun marketing mizushima just to be alive.A group that pushes the back of those who are worried about registering for a dating club.

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