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Continuing from last month's discussion with Mr. Mac
This time as well, we were on stage from an anonymous question box.


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In dad activities, forbidden allowance circumstances and
What was the decisive factor in the offer from the perspective of dad...? ?

A lot of useful stories for both dads and women!Please take a look.


<What is Papa Katsu Summit?>
Brought to you by Universe Club
It is a social gathering place where people who stand at the top and front of the dad activity industry gather and exchange opinions.

Anonymous Question Box/Column "Darling": Mr. Kazu
Club staff: Karen Mizushima
<Main topics>
・ Introduction
・About the number of offers from female members
・What is the decisive factor of the offer / what is checked
・ First offer, date experience story
・How to choose a restaurant/meeting place for a date
・Problems of pre-delivery and post-delivery of allowances
・Timing for consultation on benefits
・ The decisive factor for continuing the relationship
·Question-and-answer session


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