Introduction of online dating totals and real voices of members

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Online datingIt's been over a month since it started.

"How much is everyone using?" "How is it actually?"I received a question, so

We would like to introduce the total usage situation in Kansai and the voices of our members.

What is online dating

What is Online Dating?I think there are some people who say so, so I will briefly explain it first.

Online dating is a video call between men and women using a calling app called ZOOM for about 30 minutes.

The number of people going out has decreased due to the influence of Corona, and it was born for only one month, but it was well received and was extended after April.

Click here for more information on online dating.


How often are they actually used?

The tally for March is149 nationwideThere was an online date!

this is a dateAbout 1% of the totalIt corresponds to.

In Kansai, there were 53 online dates, but not 53 people used it, only 18 people used it.

There were some people who went online dating 10 times, so I can't generalize, but there are many people who have used it multiple times, so I think they are satisfied.


Member's voice

However, even if the club says something like this, it will sound like an advertisement, so I would like to knowWhere are you actually?I think it's going to be away from the area.

Therefore, as far as I know, I will list the voices of the members, both good and bad, as they are.

●Opinions from people who actually used the service

"Online Zoom is the best.
This way you don't have to waste your time, so you can feel free to make an offer. "

"Online dating, I want you to continue with the regular menu (laughs)
Even if it's more expensive than a normal offer.
It's reasonable and time consuming. ”

"Only one of the three actually managed to go on a date, but when I actually saw him, he was a very nice person.
I feel that a video call before meeting is intimidating, but I'm glad I was able to get my heart racing in two steps."

"(Zoom) I feel that the time is not enough, but I think it was good because I could ask you what I didn't understand on the profile."

“There may be a lot of applications on the day or the day before, but there is no need for women to come all the way, and women can easily accept them if they have the environment.”

"After online dating, we started to keep in touch on LINE,
So I felt that the conditions of the allowance did not match, so I did not actually go on a date. ”

Voice of a male member

Voice of a female member


● Opinions from those who have not used it yet

"I don't know the atmosphere and temperature, so I can't take the first step."

"I would like to hear the impressions of those who have used it."


A Final Word

This is my personal opinion,I think online dating is worth it whether you two feel the same way or not!

It goes without saying that there are merits if the feeling matches,

If the feeling does not match,Save time and moneyIt is

Have you ever met someone in person and felt that you weren't a good fit?

If you are a member who has dated several times, I think you have experience.

Even at times like that, the gentlemanly people treated me happily without showing it on their faces,

I understand that you have even handed over the transportation expenses to the woman.

However, if you talk online in advance, you can find out if you feel compatible and then connect to the actual date, so you don't waste time and money.

Also, I think it would be good for men who travel a lot to go on an online date with a woman far away in advance so that they can look forward to their next business trip.

Online dating was born due to the influence of corona, but I think there is actually a demand for it regardless of corona.

It's a world of self-restraint mood, but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy it.

Please take this opportunity to use online dating.

We are also waiting for real voices from members who used online dating!

Universe Club Kansai

Ryota Fukunaga


* Online dating using LINE started in April!

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested♪

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