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Thank you for your continued support.

We are happy to announce your favorite campaign.
The 8th anniversary campaign, which was an astonishing return rate, is still fresh in our memory, and the next move from the Universe Club, which will bring about a shock and revolution.We will deliver an epoch-making service that is unparalleled in the history of dating clubs.
Please take a look.


Industry first!online dating campaign
~The meeting place is online~


For those who have question marks above their heads, those who pat their knees, and those who shrug their shoulders when Univa is doing something strange again, please bear with me for a little longer.

Let me explain briefly,
We don't meet in person on the first date, we meet in an online video chat.
Of course, please be assured that the staff will support you from connection to operation until the date ends safely.

A matching app that is often cited as a comparison target.
I can confidently say that our own service is superior, but if there's one thing that I'm disappointed in, I think it's the fact that you can send messages directly to each other in advance.

Dear male and female members, have you ever had such an experience?
Even though I was busy, I secured time for a date, prepared well in advance, and when I met him, the feeling didn't match, and the result was disappointing.

If you put in the same effort and time, it might have been better to meet another woman...

It would be more beneficial for both of us to use this time in a different way...

In order to avoid such a sad ending, we have prepared a new option.
That's what online dating is.
It's not just an exchange of messages.With video chat, you can check the atmosphere of the other party, so the presence is outstanding.

Dear men, this time, the introduction fee for online dating will be half price.
You can make an offer to that woman who was reluctant to know until you actually meet her. Please consider the offer when the opportunity arises.
This is your chance to talk.

Ladies, have you ever thought that if you knew the feeling first?
When you meet for the first time, aren't you full of tension and anxiety?
Have you ever regretted that it would have been a good encounter if you could show yourself as usual?
Online dating solves everything.

I wonder what the time limit is...30 minutes

It may feel short.But I promise it will be a worthwhile 30 minutes.
"30 minutes is enough time to confirm the feeling" Please come and witness the dawn of a new era.



2020/3/1 (Sun) 11:XNUMX-until the corona turmoil calms down



  • all male membersis the target.(XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Date Added)
  • On the day, the staff will coordinate so that the two of you can meet smoothly.
  • The online date setting fee is half the list price.


ZOOM Online Dating Pricing

  • Standard : 1.5 yen
  • Gold: 2 yen
  • Platinum: 3 yen
  • Black : Tokyo/Osaka/International (Singapore/Taiwan) 5.5 yen / Local 4.5 yen

(XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Date Added)
From the 4:6 offer on 11/XNUMX (Monday), online dating (using ZOOM) will be changed to the same price as the setting fee for online dating (using LINE).
At the same time, regardless of whether you use ZOOM or LINE, we will change it to a 5000 yen gift with special benefits for women.
We will continue to work on improving the service for our members, so we appreciate your understanding.


What is online dating

It's a videophone date using Zoom or the LINE app.
You can use it if you can secure the internet environment and a quiet place.
Regarding online dating

Download the Zoom app
*Please be sure to download it by the day.
*If you use LINE, you do not need to download ZOOM.

Get it on Google Play


【Flow of the day】


[Online date pattern]

[Notes on online dating]

  • Please note that we do not accept extensions of time.
  • If you have difficulty setting up due to line trouble, please contact the branch office in charge.
  • If you are going out, please be in a quiet place to avoid voice trouble.
  • If you are using it at home, please be especially considerate of your family and those who live with you.
  • In order to prevent the identification of individuals, please check in advance whether anything that can be identified is reflected on the screen.
  • Please be sure to be alone when dating.
  • It is prohibited to tell others the URL, record, record, or take screenshots.
  • I will present 5000 yen to the woman after the date.
  • If you meet after online dating, the club's rules are not applicable, so the club cannot take responsibility.Please have a date after discussing the conditions thoroughly with the two of you.
  • Please charge the battery sufficiently in advance so that the battery does not run out during the date.


How to book?

  1. Please make an offer from the "Apply for this woman" button on the member page.
  2. Please enter "Online date" or "LINE date" in "Preferred meeting place". *It is also possible to ask women if they prefer ZOOM or LINE.
  3. After entering other necessary information, please apply from the "Apply for setting" button.

*If you make an offer directly via LINE, email, or phone, please be sure to include the phrase "online date or LINE date" when applying.
About online dating


Campaign notes

  • You need to download a dedicated app (ZOOM or LINE).
  • If setting becomes difficult due to the internet environment, we will reschedule.
  • If rescheduling is difficult, we will refund you with points.
  • Refunds are not accepted after the date is confirmed.
  • If you want to go out for online dating, please use it in a quiet place to avoid problems such as difficulty in hearing the voice.
  • Please be sure to be alone when setting up.
  • Disclosing the URL to others or using screenshots is prohibited.
  • If you have a line problem during online dating, please call the branch in charge.
  • Please note that communication volume may be high depending on the smartphone subscription plan.
  • Please note that some women may refuse online dating.
  • Each branch will have a limit on the number of settings and time per day.Therefore, it may not be possible to set the desired date and time.
  • Even if the date is decided within the membership period, if the membership period expires on the date date, the setting cannot be accepted.
  • The club cannot handle exchanging contact information after an online date, so please exchange it within 30 minutes.
  • Male and female members of the Niigata branch are not eligible for the campaign.
  • Cannot be combined with other promotions.


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