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I was alive

I'm Naoki Yoshida, the manager of the IT department business promotion unit.

From April, I was transferred to a department where I didn't understand what it meant because it was a mixture of Japanese and English.about three days.

I don't even feel like writing a blog.I pretended to forget,
Teratsuji blogThere is a link to Yoshida's past blog on , so I jumped to it and it was quite a while ago.

I hope you can understand that I am in a hurry to pick up the brush.

Since it is a good opportunity, I would like to take this opportunity to speak to the new boss, ASO.
I want to have more Yoshida on board, rather than saying, "It's a good feeling~★", just like I said to Teratsuji.

Thinking back, Yoshida also said to his subordinates,
"I don't really understand, so please do it in a good way!"


What the 15-person 2-unit IT department is doing is mainly to maintain in-house tools to improve operational efficiency.

I will do anything such as PC troubles, settings, data entry.

Basic work from home.
Yoshida's habitat is in front of the PC, on the bed, or in a convenience store about a minute's walk away.

Viva withdrawal life.

It's a secret that the first thing I did after I transferred to the department was to prepare my own home environment for the members, not for the company, but I have more opportunities to use my PC at home for work, private and dating. Isn't there a lot of people who have been able to do it?

It's going to be a cliché, but I'm glad Yoshida bought it!Let me introduce you to the home items that I thought.


● Monitor

Place as many as your desk space allows.One monitor is bad, I work with a total of three.

Yoshida bought a 34-inch ultra-wide monitor because it's kind of popular. It's for work, but he watches movies all the time.

If it's a 42 inch 4k monitor, even one is fine!Wide display area = promised work efficiency improvement.
The company lends a 27-inch 4k monitor to recent new hires.

Yoshida is at his own expense, sorry.


● Web camera and microphone

Inevitably, MTG with my subordinates will be an online video conference, but the atmosphere is mysteriously dark.

There are lanky staff members who live only half of Yoshida's life, staff members who wear T-shirts with strange illustrations every day, and behind the desks with unnecessary flashing LED lights are shelves full of comic books. This was Yoshida.

Is the IT department the Tsudoi department of Inkya?I feel like I'm falling into an illusion, but I think that cameras and microphones are important as long as we haven't met face-to-face.It's a new era of grooming.

Even though I went out of my way to buy a good camera and microphone, it may not be worth it because the source is not good.
I am personally very satisfied.

Now, web cameras and headsets for all employees can be freely purchased at expenses if things are not working well or things are bad.

Yoshida is at his own expense, sorry.


●PC desk and chair

A wide desk is easier to work on than a narrow one.

Although it is difficult because it depends on the space, Yoshida purchased a wide desk with a width of 180 cm.Her wife's gaze was painful.

The less information I can see, the less tired my brain is (it seems), so I don't have a cable organizer or anything fancy, so I float it in the air with Daiso items.

When I looked at it again, it was completely disqualified.


So, it's a chair.
I honestly licked it because all chairs are the same, but it may be the part that sticks the most.

I used to use a 3,000 yen chair sold at a home center, but I changed it to something a little better.

That's about 2 yen. I couldn't get my hands on it for 10 yen.

I was surprised to see it changed.

12 hoursEven if I sit for 8 hours, I don't get tired and my buttocks don't hurt.
It was so comfortable that it made me want to work all day long.

It's a common gaming chair, so did you end up running there?Buy a chair now, chair.

As you might guess, telecommuters can now afford to buy the desk and chair they want.

Yoshida is at his own expense, sorry.


I was just frustrated, but I can work comfortably.
It's not a dream to be a popular room if you shake it off in a fashionable direction.

Would you like to see self-investment for the first time in the current era?

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I am in charge of raising the average age of the universe staff.Every time something happens, I say "Yokkoi shoichi!", so I'm drawn to it. talk to this staff

2 Replies to “Internal NEET”

  1. Mr. Yoshida
    is that so.were you aliveFor Yoshida-san, rather than "IT-something" Yoshida, "FS-something" Yoshida suited him better.I didn't feel like I was suited for working from home, but I guess I was surprisingly talented.Discovering abilities is also a major job of the boss, so if you are successful, that's Mr. Aso's point.
    It's easier to work with a larger monitor and desk, but is it distracting at home?Only.She used her personal money for work tools, and was above all an understanding wife.

  2. Dear sat1
    Thank you for your comment!
    I was barely alive.

    Since I transferred to the IT department in the form of a temporary transfer in February, I left the former Chiba branch without calling myself "FS something".
    to a certain member
    "Yoshida's senses have dulled lately! Now I'm going to recommend Mr. Kousaka as chief."
    Then, either Kida or Aso secretly saw the e-mail, and he may have decided that he was fired from the coordinator.

    Writing it myself made me break out in a strange sweat.
    I will do my best to have sat1-sama say that "something about IT" suits her better, so I look forward to your continued support!

    >Are you not disturbed at home?
    The PC desk is unobstructed, but Yoshida himself is.
    There is no place for the sofa in the living room, so we have a Yoshida office of about 2 tatami mats in the corner of the house.
    Is your subordinate in front of a computer 24 hours a day?I'm often teased, but this is Yoshida, who has no place to be.

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