“Omiai” personal information leaked! Active club members and staff talks LIVE

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While the confusion of the corona misfortune continues, the [personal information leakage incident] of a major matching application has become a hot topic.


Although it is a matching app whose main target is the marriage-hunting layer

Of course, the impact extends to the dating club industry.


Therefore, in this LIVE distribution

[Omiai “Personal information leaked! Active club members and staff talks LIVE]


About the management of personal information at the universe club, other clubs, application activities, etc.

We also invited active club members who had many requests last time.

We will talk LIVE with the staff!



<Date and time>

5/28 (Fri) 19:00-19:45



<Main topics>

・ Personal information leakage of matchmaking app ・ About correspondence to universe

・ Current relationship interview

・Criteria for choosing a partner

・About how to decide and negotiate allowances


Recommended for:

Considering joining the Universe Club

● I would like to hear from the club staff.

You are registered with other dating clubs or matching apps

I am concerned about the protection of personal information by the dating club.


At the webinar, you can ask questions directly to the lecturer, and we will answer them by chat etc. as appropriate.


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