[UNIVERSE LOUNGE] December 2022.12 grand opening decision!

We would like to inform you that the Universe Lounge will be GRAND OPEN on December 2022, 12.

Thank you for waiting for a very long time.

What is Universe Lounge?

Produced by Universe Group, a major matching platform, this is a restaurant that creates new encounters.

The Universe Group operates the Universe Club, a platform that matches wealthy men with an annual income of 1000 million to 4000 million to talented women, and THE SALON, a dedicated concierge-type luxury matching salon for ultra-rich men with an annual income of 4000 million or more. is operating.

The Universe Lounge, which opened this time, is located between the existing Internet matching service and the completely manual matching service.
It is an entertainment place that can make up for the elements that have been lacking in previous encounters.

In order to match at the dating club, you select a woman you like from among hundreds of candidates, adjust the schedule, and stand on the starting line of the encounter for the first time when the other party comes on the day.

On top of that, if you don't agree with each other, the time, arrangements, and expenses will be wasted.

Although there are elements to enjoy the setting process and the excitement, if you waste your finite time, you will be in a state of so-called "matching fatigue".

Universe Lounge is a shop where you can enjoy "matching of once-in-a-lifetime destiny" instead of such "pre-setting type matching".
We know from experience that the God of Encounters is capricious.

Meetings can be done online, but feeling fittings can only be done face-to-face.

For example, a meeting you happened to be sitting next to at a bar while traveling, or a first love you happened to meet in the city for the first time in 10 years.

In a relaxed space, I happen to have a similar feeling with a woman who happened to share a table with me.We will create such an adult-friendly encounter.

2022.12.1 GRAND OPEN


Official Website

〒104-0061 12-7-XNUMX Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo New Ginza Building No. XNUMX Building XNUMXF

Google map

Opening hours: 12: 00 to 21: 00

Closed: Sunday

Pre-enrollment campaign now being held

If you are already a member of Universe Club Platinum or above / THE SALON, there is no admission fee for the first year, and you can extend the lounge membership period for 1 months from the opening date with a pre-registration fee of 18 yen!



All applicants during the period

・Method of payment for admission fee is cash, card payment, or bank transfer.
・In the case of pre-enrollment, the membership period will be from the opening date.
・ Men who have a history of forced withdrawal in the past are not eligible.
・We do not accept any complaints regarding this campaign.
・As a result of the examination, we may refuse admission.
※Thank you for your understanding.

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If you pay 1 yen at the time of the interview, we will give you half a year of membership.


Strengths of Universe Lounge

One There is an admission interview screening, and it is a shop only for gentlemen and ladies.

Enjoy your meeting with peace of mind

All the rooms are semi-private rooms.There is strict security at the entrance and privacy is protected.


Two You can check the information of the person you are sharing with on the member site.

Enjoy intimate conversation in a luxurious private room while viewing each other's profiles


Three Ability to attract customers of major groups

At Universe Group, more than XNUMX women in the metropolitan area visit for interviews every day.

It doesn't mean that only regulars come to the store.

In addition, you can check the current number of visitors before visiting the store.


As of September XNUMX, we are running a collaboration campaign with Universe Club.

By joining the Platinum Class of Universe Club (enrollment fee of XNUMX yen), the lounge annual membership fee of XNUMX yen will be waived.

I hope you can use the Universe Lounge and the Universe Club according to your own mood.

Female members who are registered with the Universe Club may also visit the Universe Lounge.

If you have a problem with batting, please let the staff know in advance.


We would like you to feel the new sense of meeting place by all means.

We look forward to your visit.



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