Kamigyo Monogatari ~ Prologue The case suddenly ~

One day in July 2022, it happened all of a sudden.

A sudden phone call from your boss.Phone = Kaminari? ? ?I hesitated for a moment and decided to press the call button...

The first thing my boss said was, "Mr. Nozaki, are you still alive about the Tokyo incident?! Mr. Kida seems to be okay, and you're not in Tokyo?!"

Good~ I didn't make a mistake~TOKYO 

Tokyo, it is the capital of Japan.In the Edo period, the capital moved to the east, and it became the eastern Kyoto, so Edo Prefecture → Tokyo Prefecture, and then Tokyo, which became Tokyo? ?

I was born and raised in Osaka.Kyoto as a university student, Nara as a graduate student.I grew up as a native Kansai person without leaving Kansai for 26 years.I thought that the Osaka dialect would save the world, but I continued to teach international students why.I used to feel a little superior to using rude words… Yes, I am an Osaka lover.

After all, Jarinko Chie is my bible.
It is no exaggeration to say that clogs are synonymous with Chie-chan, not Ryotsu Kankichi or Kitaro.

I was given a one-month grace period and was forced to choose between Tokyo and Osaka.Osaka in the west, Tokyo in the east, it's like being confessed to the popular student council president vs. the handsome yankee at the same time.

No one to hold you back.

I don't mind.
I have friends and relatives in Tokyo, so I'm not lonely...! ! (Kugyu Voice)


So Makiko Nozaki, a free material from Universe Club, will be heading to Tokyo! !

I will update it irregularly, so if there is anything you would like me to do while you are in Osaka or a place you would like me to tell you about when you go to Tokyo, please leave a comment~ (I am not saying that I will do it.)

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4 Replies to “Jogyo Monogatari ~Prologue Case wa Sudden~”

  1. Nozaki's "I am not worth much.That's why I'm willing to cut the body that can be cut.The body that can be stretched is stretched.There is our value. A stance like.I just thought we were friends.

    But don't you have anything left to cut?

    Show off your existence value by shaving it until it's dry in Tokyo! !I'm rooting for you because I think it's the same kind of thing.

    1. flag maker

      Thank you for your comments and support!
      You're right, there's nothing left but my body... (even in a physical sense)

      Well, Nozaki is scraped off in the Kanto region.Only bones win!I'm going to break my shell with about momentum!

  2. Hi, the woman who sings Osaka LOVER at karaoke is a woman who thinks there are men in Osaka.

    ・Recommended parks in Osaka
    ・ Thoughts on Univa and Disney
    ・What I like/dislike about Osaka
    ・Dreams in Tokyo

    Personally, I think Osaka is a smoker-friendly city, with ashtrays outside convenience stores.
    I traveled to Osaka about 2 years ago, but is it still smoker-friendly?

    1. A woman who sings Osaka LOVER at karaoke thinks that there are men in Osaka

      Thank you for your comment!

      ・Recommended parks in Osaka
      >>Utsubo Park!There is also a tennis court and a soup shop nearby, so we recommend taking out this season and hanging out.
      ・ Thoughts on Univa and Disney
      >>Univa can see the highway, and if you try to beat Woodpecker's butt, he'll yell at you...
      You can't see the highways at Disney, and the human bones haven't fallen...
      ・What I like/dislike about Osaka
      >>favorite place
      → It's small, so I'll just stop at Umeda and Namba for now.Because of its history, it is fun to walk around the town.
      → Yankees like the early Heisei era are still alive...
      ・Dreams in Tokyo
      >> Save money and keep a Birkin in Tokyo (buy it instead)

      I traveled to Osaka about 2 years ago, but is it still smoker-friendly?
      >> Eh, isn't it in other prefectures...?Other than convenience stores, I also put it around there...
      Even in the downtown area, smoking while walking was about the norm.
      Osaka, where time stops in the Showa period, Kamu Kamu Weru Kamu♪

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