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Thank you for always watching.

Osaka branch only
I have a quota to upload my blog twice a month
Before I knew it, it was the end of the month and Takashima was in a rush.

A bar with seniors who take care of you
I thought, "I haven't seen my seniors lately."

When I went there for the first time in a long time, the senior I was looking for was on vacation.
Nice to meet you, young man who talked a little about it

It was a pity that there were no seniors
I was so absorbed in talking with my friends that the time flew by.

On the way home after closing time, to that young man
When I said, "I'll go when my senior is here!"

A younger man who gives the impression of just working there
"Please come even when I'm here!"

Even though I know it's a social comment
Coo~ cute~I was chewing on it in my heart

It was easy with someone other than myself,,
You're old, I've never thought of that, lol

Because I'm the type that can't do that
I really feel that younger people are amazing these days.
(Sorry, it's no information.)

For women who come for reshoots
Are you still dating the guy you dated in small talk?

I sometimes ask
Many people say, "It's not continuing."

She's cute, charming, and easy to talk to, so I wondered why.

I don't have a chance to meet the person who is following me, so I can't ask.

・Where did you decide
・What kind of women are the current male members looking for?

Please let me know.

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Karen Takashima

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2 Replies to “To the Younger Sex”

  1. Mr. Takashima
    Thanks to my comment, it's gotten better.I thought your comment was great.Please update the comment to make you think "Oh!".Blogs also have stories hidden in their own experiences (I'm sure you all have a lot of stories that entertain us even if we don't realize it), so please keep your antennas high.

    1. sat1

      Thank you for reading my comment!
      I put in a comment column while being nervous about sat1-sama's whipping words.Sweat

      I've always received a whip, so I'm very happy to receive a little candy (T_T)
      It's been hard for me to update my blog, so I haven't been able to write an interesting blog.
      I will do my best to update the blog, so please continue to give me advice! !

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