For women who are coming for an interview

"Please tell me your selling point"

Thank you for visiting the Universe Club blog.
I am Asuka Nakagawa from the Osaka branch.

I ask this question every time I interview a woman.
Most women would stutter, wouldn't they?

Even if you answered my question,
"Always smiling."Or "I can talk to the other party."
I think that there are many people who can answer what everyone can immediately think of.

Certainly my strengths, weaknesses, appeal points, etc.
It's only when I'm job hunting that I get the chance to think seriously
I may not be honest.

However, I am thinking of taking an interview from now on.
Ladies, by all means, your own good points, you are better than other women
After carefully considering the winning part once again
Could you please come over?

The interview time for one woman is about 30 to 60 minutes, which is limited.
In a short time, we will interview and shoot photos and videos
Pinpointing the strengths and weaknesses of that woman is a difficult task.

I once had a woman like this.

Nakagawa ) Please tell me your strengths and weaknesses.

Female) …………No.

Nakagawa) Do you have any appealing points?

Female) …………No.

Nakagawa) Do you have any special skills or hobbies?

Female) …………No.

Nakagawa )………………………(-_-)(-_-)(-_-)

As much as possible about yourself for other questions
He said he didn't want to answer because he didn't want to tell me.
Unfortunately, I was rejected.

What the hell did you come here for? ? ?
Who is there for women who have no appeal points at all?
Feel attractive and want to spend a lot of money and go on a date
Do you think (>_<)? ? ?

Of course, appearance and style are one of the important appeal points.
However, no matter how much you polish your appearance and look good, your inner
You can't have a long relationship if you don't accompany you, right?

Only when inner beauty is accompanied, the attractiveness as a woman increases,
Maybe it will lead to meeting a really nice person?

I've written a lot of great things for a long time,
Because you had the courage to come, we hope that as many women as possible
I hope you have a wonderful meeting and wish you happiness

Please think about your appealing point once again.
I think it will be a really meaningful interview.

We are waiting for your application for an interview (*^^*)

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