*I have a request*

I don't know if it's been a while, but I'm sorry 🥺✨

My name is Yuna Seki and I have been assigned to the new business division.


At the beginning of October, I was away from the site, ah, I want to interview, I want to register...

I'm sorry, but how are you all doing?


I'm still eating and sleeping and growing bubbly.


At the new assignment PATOLO Division

Developing a new matching service... not


as promotion manager

・Writing a blog

・ Twitterto update

What are young people looking forand explore

・What is your uncle looking for?or search with

・At the meeting, how to make the contents usable議論Or

・For the former members of the Universe Club who are in charge of the progressask for your opinion


・In addition, it should be shared within the company.ConferenceOr
(I'm incompetent to keep quiet)

・Improvements based on new opinions(someone other than me)


・For former members in charge"Please bring me some food."and ask


・If you think you're going to be an ordinary OL, you'll be a drinking bar sister!

I was stuck with

Like this...


When you open the lid, it's comfortable and fun!

And Takeuchi and Yanase who work togetherHow can you work like this?


Every time I get a notification like "The LP wire is almost completed!"

"What am I..."I'm sobbing while putting a vertical line on my face.



What is LP?

Even though I started by searching for it...!

"IT terminology beginners only this is a must"Do you know how I feel when I search for...?

I feel like saying that, but more than that, the quality of their work is too wonderful

I'm proud of myself (*^^*)! ! !


(A picture of incompetence trying to get Google to teach me the meaning of my existence ↑)


In that regard


Creating blogs, columns and stories (things to write in media)Etc

I am busy.




When I make something, I feel uneasy, and I wonder if this is okay.

It's painful and exhausting when I think about whether I'm making something that people want.but


to send something yourself

to let you know,

striving to meet expectations


I feel that this will always be the driving force of my work!



It's so fun to be involved in new things!

My brain is quivering (*^^*)

I would be happy if you could support me ♡


(It seems to be persistent, but the work of Takeuchi and Sales Yanase is amazing ... I want to improve the quality of my illustrations, so I'm reluctant to buy a pen tablet ✨)


As a result, the outline of a new business called PATOLO is being created.


※Urgent recruitment! *

In Tokyo during the daytime on 11/8let me meet you

Those who can talk about the contents of the business and give their opinionsWe are looking for!

From here, we will explain the service content,

I am looking for someone who can give me an opinion.

Both male and female members

I would appreciate it if you could just listen to me><💦


Regarding the content, I would like to talk about the following.


  • What is PATOLO?
  • Matching flow
  • Service usage fee


Whether it's a clear autumn morning or afternoon,Would you please treat me to a delicious meal?

Is a lie,Made up, made up.No, would you like to take a quick peek at the contents of the half-finished business (*^^*)?

(But I might die from hypoglycemia...I'm hungry...or something like that.(Rice beggar♡)


私に"Let's meet and talk about business, shall we?"If you think, come on!

Please let me hear your greetings and opinions m(__)m


We would appreciate it if you could contact Oda or Seki of the PATOLO Division at the following e-mail address.


Address: contact@patolo.jp

Official HP:https://patolo.jp/


"New Business Matter"I would appreciate it if you could contact me after writing.

"I'm an overwhelming fan of Seki"There is a high probability that Seki will be pleased with those who have stated that, but we are waiting for you to contact us (*^^*)



PATOLO Division

Yuna Seki

Author of this article

I like love, but recently I have lost my libido and my only purpose in life is to feed my two cats.Her favorite words are "It's nice~Nice~☆It's naked~★". talk to this staff

2 Replies to “*I have a request*”

  1. He was the person who took care of Mr. Seki at CS6 when he worked in Kansai. (Even though he is a black member, the staff in charge was in CS6.)
    I used to use apps (paters, etc.) quite a bit before I joined the Universe club. PATOLO looks very good.Unfortunately, I live in Kansai, so meeting in Tokyo on November 11th is difficult.
    I sincerely pray for the success of Mr. Seki and the completion of PATOLO.

    1. >> Black male member living in Kansai
      Sorry for the delay in noticing your comment!
      Thank you for your comment 😢 Is it the one I expected...!
      If you have a chance to talk to me again someday, I would be happy if you could talk to me.
      yes! As long as you're interested in PATOLO, I'm glad!
      Thank you for your continued support (*^^*)

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