★I'm back at the Yokohama branch★

Thank you all for your help.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

Came backUr ◯ RamanNo, it's Hara.

Yokohama→SALON→CustomerSuccess1→Yokohama and various departments!

It's been a long time since I've blogged so I'm nervous lol
Recently, my child has been fascinated by the medaka fish caught at the festival ww

I wasn't sure if I should write a continuation of Lunch, which I wrote at SALON (although it wasn't popular at all lol), but...
I would like to introduce a pleasant Yokohama member this time!

Yokohama will be a system of 4 people including myself and Hara (*^^*)

Let's introduce them right away! !

①Tomohisa Takahashi (Men)
Interesting anyway!
The riddles always come out of nowhere!
Well, that's difficult... brain exercises are important!
An all-rounder at work!
Yokohama's outstanding sense of stabilityGuardian deityis not it!

②Yu Takei (Women)
I love birds so much that I even got a qualification!
When it comes to work, I take the initiative and say, "I'll do it! 200% motivated!
You're surprisingly good at taking pictures! *This is an unedited photo.
A must-see for women registered with Mr. Takei!
dating matchmakerI would like to give it a nickname.
*This is just what Hara put on without permission w

③Saya Kawashima (Women)
Just be honest!
Black and white is solid and pleasant staff!
When it comes to work, I have a strong spirit to try anything and am highly motivated!
And the man's interview is too nice!
Personally, I thought it was the best interview I've seen so far!
Young Yokohama strikerIt's w

I'm an idiot parent ww

A Final Word
④Hajime Hara
Unreliable, selfish, and reckless, with the spirit of "it will work out".

Well, I'm doing my best to liven up the universe while enjoying friendly rivalry with members like this m(_ _)m

that?This image is copyrighted, right? w

I think there are many things that we can't reach,
I will do my best to connect good encounters with men and women, so please take care of me.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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