Rookie Public Relations Struggle-Reporting on Papa Life of "Umi Okura-san"-

Price collapse due to corona misfortune!Ebizo is "2 yen for 2 hours"

Weekly Taishu: April 2022, 4 (release date: April 18, 2022)


Published by Futabasha the other day"Weekly Mass"I cooperated with the interview.

The other day, Kabuki actorEbizoIs"Papa life"It was reported that sensational content such as

I received a call from the Universe Club about that!

(Is it the first time in Mr. Ken Watanabe's "multipurpose toilet incident"?)


Speaking of dad life!with the feelingDataI have also issued

It seems that the ears of rice have grown, albeit little by little.


Excerpt from Weekly Taishu Table of Contents↓

<Erotic market infiltration report>
A famous actor [Ebizo Ichikawa] is also reported as "XNUMX yen for XNUMX hours of sex"!
[Awahime] [CA] Participation! [College student] [New member of society] April debut
Price destruction is in progress due to corona misfortune!
Spring Daddy Activity [Encouragement SEX] Forefront
A new life full of things.The number of maidens who earn the shortfall with a young body is increasing rapidly!Closer to the dark reality that celebrities also dye their hands!


Despite having such an interesting table of contents,

Interviewed on behalf of the Universe Club

I blame Mizushima, a novice in public relations.

It's hard to find, so it's not listed at all! !


Kuuuuu.I'm sorry!


We have not given up on the hope of posting on extra-large pages.


Those who are curious about the truth of Mr. Ebizo's news

Those who are concerned about the corona wreck in Papa Katsu

Find Mizushima!who want to

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April 2022, 4 (Release date: April 18, 2022)

Magazine: Weekly Taishu

Publication interval: Weekly
Release date: Every Monday
Size: B5


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