Mr. Kida became a cool uncle, and a little thrilling story [YouTube project]

Hello, this is Mizushima!

(Moved from InsideSales to PRMarketing. Too late report←)


Until now, it was a dad activity summit,

I've been involved in video content for some time,

Is this your first time? ! [Collaboration video].


pick-up consultantmeteor teacherTo(More than 800 students, more than 8 years of experience)

Miss Kida(Representative of Universe Club←)

a little bit

A plan that was made by a cool uncle.


What is a pick-up consultant?


Isn't there a lot of people who thought so?


That's what I thought too.(I'm sorry...)


Nampa, in an instant, everything is decided.


You can't rendezvous with a woman if you don't look good or have a good first voice...

how we can rendezvous,

Ryuusei-sensei is a person who seriously thinks and faces from various perspectives.


I thought that this would be common to male members as well.


"After the first date, we lose contact."

"Walking next to a woman makes me feel uncomfortable."

"I want to look fashionable and attractive to women, but I don't know what to wear."


Etc. I think there are a lot of people who have troubles.


How can you lose money just by looking?

It doesn't matter whether it's pick-up or dad life!

If you're a man, you'll be popular until you die!


So, from the perspective of a professional against popular

First of all, I decided to ask Mr. Kida to coordinate three pieces.


Click here for the video↓



For Mr. Kida, who is not used to shopping,

Ryuusei-sensei skillfully decided on a quick outfit.


Look at Mr. Kida, who is wrapped in fashionable and very modern clothes.


Damn, I

I like the usual Kida-san

I tought.


I thought that the usual simple clothes would be more like Mr. Kida.

But I realized that I was just used to it.


At a later date,Coordinate XNUMX ZARA jacketWhen I was wearing it,

Mr. Kida is fashionable today

My heart was pounding for some reason.(I feel needlessly shy because it looks like a confession)


Since I had never thought of Kida-san's appearance as cool,

Even I was surprised.(maybe I'm being rude)


Kudos to Ryuusei-sensei, who made this feeling grow♪


As much as it is said that the appearance is 9%,

It was Mizushima who realized that the image that clothes give is great.



You can also choose the coordination of the image you want

If you would like to ask for a consultation, please contact Dr. Ryusei by email.

*Please note that the Universe Club cannot be involved in the event of trouble*


Meteor Sensei's email: suiseinanpa@gmail.com

Consultation fee: XNUMX yen for the first time (special price only for Universe Club members)


The secret to rejuvenation that appeared in the video, cosmetics can be purchased at the following site operated by Mr. Ryusei ↓↓




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