Fact-finding survey on dating club members!Papa Activity Report 2021 results announced!

What is this year's dad activity trend?

What is this year's dad activity trend?

Papa Activity Report 2021

Papa Activity Report 2021

“Papa Activity Report 2021” is data extracted using Google Analytics from visits to “Universe Club” and usage information for the most recent year from February 2021, 2 to January 1, 2022. Statistical information that summarizes
It can be said that it is the first attempt in Japan to conduct a “statistical survey on dad activities” targeting such a huge number.

1 (97) new users visited the Universe Club official website in one year

Last year, the number of new users was 539,160.An increase of about 50%.
Column posts by famous writers, the catchphrase "Let's sell friends" on the affiliate site FREIN run by the club, and the content "Papa Katsu Summit" that disseminates information on dad activities on YouTube.
These measures are considered to be the trigger for new user visits.

28 people (9 people) come to see the official site the most in "Tokyo".On the other hand, 289,568 people (1 people) are in "Tottori Prefecture" which does not see much.

When ranking the number of visits to the official website by region, the top three are 3st "Tokyo", 1nd "Kanagawa", and 2rd "Osaka".
The worst 45 results were 46th "Shimane", 47th "Kochi", and XNUMXth "Tottori".
Regarding the worst XNUMX, it is an area where there is no branch in Universe Club, but it seems that it is not the only reason.Shimane, Kochi, and Tottori are in the worst XNUMX even in terms of low population.

The number of searches for “Universe Club” per year is 9 (7)
The annual number of searches for “Papa-katsu” is 162 million (162,000)

People searching for the keyword “universe club” generate 8,100 searches per month, 270 searches per day, and 11.5 searches per hour.
Keyword searches for “papa katsu” are 135,000 times a month, 4,500 times a day, and 187.5 times an hour, which is significantly higher than “universe club”.

The reason why there are fewer male members than female members is that only male members require expensive admission fees (3 to 30 yen) and setting fees (2 to 10 yen). Only a limited number of people can register.

Ranking of popular search words when searching for female members on male member sites.
An unusual situation where the search word "none" is ranked.

Search results are greatly influenced by the specifications of male membership sites.

Since the TOP page shows a list of female members, it is thought that those who want to select by photo first use it. It can be said that most people watch in the order of "exterior (photo)" → "content (detailed information)".

Then, the word that is popular among those who choose from "contents (detailed information)" → "appearance (photographs)" is "golf".Due to the corona crisis, many male members want to enjoy sports outside, such as golf.
The 3.4rd and 6th place rankings are “cabin crew/cabinet”, and the XNUMXth place is “guest room”.
About 40.50% of the members are male in their 6s and 60.70s, about 2% are in their 8s and XNUMXs, and the total of about XNUMX% of the members is probably because of the generation that most admires women as “cabin crew members”.

At Universe Club, male members offer dates to female members.

Male members in their 6s and older are the most offered, with only 70% registered by age group.
I believe that people in their 70s and older, who are experiencing social loneliness due to retirement, bereavement, etc., are seeking an oasis of the mind.
I think that the oasis of the mind is also connected to physical healing.

I think the reason why women in their late 20s are being offered is that they can talk calmly because they have gone out as adults and have tasted both sour and sweet to some extent.

It was the most result for those who are dating one person.
Surprisingly, it seems that many people who use dating clubs are dating the best women for themselves rather than dating a lot of people.

More than half of the prices were within 2 yen for two people.
The price range allows you to dine at good places such as counter sushi, French, and Japanese restaurants that are listed in Michelin.

There are many members who drink alcohol, so the amount may tend to be higher.As the drinking progresses, the conversation becomes more lively, and by exposing yourself, the sense of distance can get closer.And vice versa.

There is also a setting fee until you meet a woman who is perfect for you, so it seems that many people spend their first date at lunch or at a cafe.

In the case of using the hotel, it was divided into two: within 1 yen per night and within 15,000 yen per night.
Also, the fact that many other people answered that they would not stay overnight may be partly due to the fact that the club does not recommend staying overnight.

Also, since many people pay for the date meal separately, the price may be kept down because it is a plan that does not include meals at the hotel.

Considering the room rate and the market price of hotels, the city hotel, which is the most used, is reasonable.
Love hotels (rest) are the next most popular.Is it because it's easy to get in right away without a reservation?
Love hotels have plenty of amenities such as hair irons, so it may not be difficult for women to dislike you even if you are staying at a hotel on short notice.

There are many people who have never given a present to a woman.
It may be that there is no pressure to give presents, and it is possible that you are comfortable in your relationship.
Of course, there were those who had not decided on a budget, and those who increased their allowance accordingly.
You may be able to have a comfortable relationship with each other because you are dating using the dating club.

When imagining dad life, I think there is an image of being allowed to move to a good apartment.
However, according to the data this time, the majority of those who do not provide rent support.
The fact that the relationship does not last long is also a cause, but it is probably because there are few cases where the relationship lasts for a very long time.

The result was that those who did not go account for the majority.
The average of those who answered that they provide support was about 15 yen.

This is lower than the average female salary of 280 million yen, which is about 1 yen per month (*23), but it is enough to supplement your life.
It would be a great support for those who do not have enough money to live, or for women who find it difficult to work in order to study hard.

*XNUMX National Tax Agency.”Average salary” https://www.nta.go.jp/publication/statistics/kokuzeicho/minkan2000/menu/03.htm(Reference 2022-03-01)

It seems that the most decisive factor is the “video” that shows how they are actually talking and their realistic body shape and atmosphere.

It is also an effective means to eliminate the gap when you meet, and it is a popular content unique to Universe Club.
Many men are concerned about their appearance, as "videos" and "photos" that are directly related to appearance account for the majority.

The next important thing after “video” is “profile content”.
It describes a wide range of things, from the woman's place of residence, occupation, schedule preference, whether she smokes, to food likes and dislikes.
It is one of the points that can be determined whether it matches the wishes of male members.

The same is true for the “club comment”, which includes real voices from interviewed staff.This is also to close the gap.

What did you think.
Some of you may have been surprised by the results, but this is the current state of Japanese papa katsu, or dating clubs.
In order to lead the culture of papa-katsu in Japan, Universe Club will conduct a survey on papa-katsu from various angles and distribute it to everyone.