The staff also have likes and dislikes of members. ~Women~

It always becomes very indebted.
I'm Ikegaya from the Shinjuku branch of Universe Club.

The blog that came around for the first time in a year.

The other daySeki's bloginspired by
Almost a round pakuri, I am writing a blog like this.

The Shinjuku branch is said to have the largest number of appointments for interviews in Japan.
I, Ikegaya, am in charge of about 50 interviews per month.
It's been almost 3 years since I joined the company, and the total number of female interviews has exceeded 600.

I meet women every day,
Talk to me and take a picture. . .Therefore,
After all, likes and dislikes will come out.

Of course, women may feel the same way, but
It can't be helped.It's human

Pepe's Ikegaya, I can't speak big,
Please allow me to take this opportunity to speak with you. . .

the staffAnnoying Women BEST 3I'll give you


3"Liar Girl"

It is often said that people are not what they seem,
The whole body is a super high brand, the face is a glaring woman who has finished construction
"I have never worked as a daddy, I have zero night work and zero experience♪"
What a word, who can believe it! ! !

"I'm a company employee♪"Although
A dazzling woman who can date from 15:19 to XNUMX:XNUMX on weekdays.
A glaring woman who lives in a property with a monthly income of 18 but a rent of 20.

It's honestly obvious!
If you're going to lie, I want you to do your best a little more!

Rather than saying "It's my first time doing daddy activities ♪" aiming for uke
If you say "I have 10 dads ♪", the impression will be hundreds of millions of times better.

If you are accustomed to being a dad, you can introduce it to men with peace of mind, so please don't think it's a concern!Welcome ♪


2nd place "Zero amiable girl"

This is simply tough!is surprisingly good!
Thinking that you are angry, the staff will do their best to take care of you.

Staff: "Would you like to change your clothes to increase the number of offers?"
Female:"Can't you go without changing clothes? (Serious face)"

Staff: "Let's shoot an appealing video♪"
Female:"I want to shoot a video. (Serious face)"

It's scary! ! ! ! !
I can never introduce myself to a man~~~~! ! ! !

For women who are reluctant to hire but still lack amiability
I'm pretty sure I won't get an offer.

As expected of a man, you have eyes to see.


and shine1 The"Girls who are too bad at time management"! ! !

I often come late for about 10 minutes,
There are women who never apologize
It's honestly so annoying! ! ! !

I have appointments for interviews on an hourly basis,
If you are 10 minutes late, your entire schedule for the day will be ruined.
The schedule is 30 minutes for the interview and 30 minutes for the shoot.
If you are late, it will be rough even if you shoot a woman.

Above all, I don't think I want to introduce a male member who is late.There is nothing good about being a staff or a woman! !


そ し て,Too much at my own paceAlso NG! ! !
We have a few minutes to fix makeup before shooting,
Women who rarely make up from scratch ,,,,
Seriously come and do it at home,,,


This is just my personal opinion,
All interview staff will agree.

Becoming a blog like a complaint,
I am very sorry if I offended anyone.

But what Ikegaya wanted this time was
"Don't forget that it's an interview!!!!!"

There is no need to come stiff and nervous,
There is no need to force yourself to be affectionate.

It is enough if you follow your manners and speak honestly.

I yelled at you, but you always let me interview you
I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!

I will do my best to create the best female profile!

I will continue to work at the Shinjuku branch from April, so
Thank you in the future.



Thank you for reading.

Universe Club FS1 Karin Ikegaya

Author of this article