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Thank you for your help!
Customer Success East Japan Unit
My name is Tomohisa Takahashi and I will be CS4Chief from April!

It's been a long time since I've been blogging.
I didn't know what to write, so I'm going to write about my current state of mind in a very simple way.

From April, new employees (new graduates) will enter the universe again this year!
Of course there is organization formation!
In May, there will also be a joint training (planned) for the entire company!

By the way, the team I am in charge of from April is
We are a mixed team of Kanto staff and Kansai staff!
However, there is no female staff! ! ! !A team of four men.

So no matter how many times you call me, the staff will only answer men.
Please note.
(Unless new female graduates are assigned...)

Such a thing
I'm spending the second half of March feeling a little nervous.

I'm not sure if I'm excited or anxious or both!
At times like that,There is"And"April is like that"And
If you can sympathize with me for a moment👍 buttonPlease 🙇

Hmm?Can't you press it?The person who tried to push...

Thank you for sharing.
(It was just a picture...)

And thank you for sticking with this blog that I don't really understand.
If you say I don't know...

I'm glad I joined, but what should I do?Tsuzuki said the other day.
If it's okay【Completely free onboarding] is being implemented, so please come by Click here for more information.See also!
(It's a CustomerSuccess department, so I recommend it again.)

Thank you very much! ! !

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