Staff also have likes and dislikes of members

Human beings, members should have likes and dislikes of staff 🥺

It's been a while since I posted on the blog, this is Seki from Universe Club.
It's getting warmer, how are you all doing?
For a long time, I've liked (and still do like) men who are younger than you and have a refreshing and neutral Johnny's face.

This year, I fell in love with a 40-year-old man with a fox face at first sight, and when I noticed it, I chased him with my eyes. !

At this age, I often felt that it would be difficult to fall in love with someone, and I used to talk with Yanase every night.

still my heart"Throbbing"I was a little moved by that, and I was shocked to find out that the person was married and had a child, and I was shocked to find out that he also had an illegitimate child. (Kanto) Something happened...
What is this...?Huh, that person at that time...?And I feel like I've been pinched by a fox...



What is rim? ? ?Isn't it something that connects people? ? ? ?Relationships sometimes prevent people from meeting...?I'm in the middle of a rave stray.


In 2022, this year, I will push forward with Yuna Iseki, the character of a doctor of philosophy who is troubled by love.



Well, this time it's rude, but I personally noticed that members who are personally not good at it and members who like it tend to be like this.
Seki is saying crazy things, so if you have free time, please read it.



first weCS (Customer Success)We are responding to men's settings and inquiries by email, line, and phone.
I usually go to work at 9:XNUMX (early shift).
This is just my priority.


① Urgency such as cancellation on the day or the day before, lateness, etc.
②On the day, the day before, two days before the offer
③ New regular offer (in order of contact)
④ Settings in progress
⑤ Inquiries to women (simple ones)
⑥ Inquiries to women (multiple women, confirmation of details, confirmation with FS required)
⑦ Impression consultation etc. after the date



New emails and incoming calls keep coming in.

I can't remember each one!busy as if to sayInside (Honestly, the other teams will be even more fluttering 🥺)
There are both male and female members who can impress you in both good and bad ways.



I wonder what it's like for a staff member to come up with a preference just after a few exchanges and phone calls, but Mitsuo Aida also says this.
Because I'm a human(I have emotions, I'm not perfect in the first place, I have limits,Not Prince Shotoku





But I like the contents!dislike!I don't mean that, it's just an impression story...


*An example of a man with a bad impression*

  • You who pack one mistake of the staff with 1Lv sword curtain
    I'm really sorry, and I'm deeply sorry.
    I'm really sorry that I got the name wrong, the woman to check it wrong, the place wrong, and there were spelling errors.
    I apologize from the bottom of my heart.

But... I don't know, when you say that over and over again, you write a haiku.
I'm sorry, but that feeling fades for some reason 



  • You who repeatedly sound out what you say you can't do without learning

"Check if you're on your period.""Please secretly tell me the specific number of dates."
“Please tell us how much you want the allowance (each time)”

"I can't tell you..."Regarding the inquiry I told you, you will continue to negotiate with the staff by changing hands and products.
We're wasting each other's time…I think.I can't break the rules of the club, sorry.

I'm persistent and I'll share it quietly





  • You who repeatedly cancel after making decisions by criticizing women and staff
    + You who do not confirm at all with only inquiries

The above two points can be done only by the staff's feeling of withering, but if this is repeated
women lose motivation, distrust of men and clubs will increase,It will be difficult to accept an offer from the same man next time
I'll check it out in great detail.The staff thinks that you don't actually make an offerWaitfor everyoneA bad example.


not an unavoidable situation,This person again! !I'm not good at canceling something so frequently that the staff will remember me ☻
In fact, I also "It would be better for someone who understands the flow to respond, so let's leave it aloneThere is about one person who quietly closes the door until the other staff members go to work.(*Please forgive me in case of emergency.)

This person is always the last priority


*An example of a man with a good impression*

  • You who have good feedback from women (You who have no trouble)

No matter what, it really boils down to this one thing...!
Even if the staff were a little cold or unfriendly, just one word from the woman, "You were a very nice person ☻""Oh... good one..."I think.
And sending advance recommendations and special women is also (I)Inevitably, those who have a good reputation from women will be given priority.

Because,Because you can rest assured.

Above all, if the date is good, that's fine


  • You who make the setting go smoothly

I'm a little worried about adjusting the date,Those who do not respond to both men and women.
Meanwhile"I don't know the schedule yet, so I will contact you by the __ day."な ど
Your reply seems to touch even the most irritated parts... I am moved.

Sometimes read ahead and be a woman"I will contact you by the __ day."There are people who contact me that
here really until thenYou can wait with peace of mind without having to contact us repeatedly to remind youSo it's not something that can be saved! !I really want to say that only you can win 😿

Even if it's not fixed, for some reason, if you make me happy, I'll be even happier




  • generous you
    Cancellation on the day of a woman who can't help even if she pays close attention (Tobi)!
    I am contacting you while drenching in a cold sweat, but at times like that, the man who accepts me with a heart as wide as the sky.

"It can't be helped if you're not feeling well. Please take care of yourself."Please take care of me
"Thank you for your hard work from the staff in the morning."And there are some people who say nobumasa to our staff.

that wordthan beforeもっとI'm sorry,

I have to introduce this person to an even more wonderful woman next time.
If there is something in the future, I would like to do a service, etc.I am driven by a sense of mission.

North wind, imitate and learn, take off the sun's heart and be loved 


It's just my personal opinion.
Basically, I am always grateful to the men who contact me, offer, and inquire, and the women who accept offers.
you don't have to change,It's just my preference... (see)

And thank you to everyone who has been replying to me for your kindness.
I love you so much, and I pray that there will be no damage from this earthquake 🥺



Thank you for reading until the end.

Universe Club CS4

Kashiko Seki

Author of this article

I like love, but recently I have lost my libido and my only purpose in life is to feed my two cats.Her favorite words are "It's nice~Nice~☆It's naked~★". talk to this staff

11 Replies to “Staff have likes and dislikes of members”

  1. Mr. Seki
    Thank you for your interesting blog. "That's nice~ That's nice~ ☆ You're bare~★"
    Just as the staff members have likes and dislikes, the members also have likes and dislikes of the staff.I think it's part of the Universe system that creates members who leave a bad impression of Mr. Seki.Even if Mr. Seki is my favorite staff member, as Mr. Seki said, I am too busy responding to incoming emails and incoming calls to memorize each and every one of them.However, the members carefully read the emails from the staff and contact them, so I believe that they remember me.Isn't it possible to cross paths from here on out?When the number of members was smaller, the same staff tried to contact each other as much as possible, so there weren't many misunderstandings.If you do that, there will be a difference in the busyness of the staff, so all the staff will be able to deal with all the members.The response may have been quicker, but there was no way to convey the fine nuances, and from the point of view of the member, the communication system was not good.But maybe it wasn't one for the members?There are many things that come to mind for me too.However, it is always true that a member with a bad impression is better for the company than a member with a good impression.It goes without saying that Dr. Seki said this.

    1. >>sat1
      Long time no see, sat1!
      I had no idea that the self-introduction I set a few years ago would make me feel good.
      And thank you for your valuable feedback ☻
      Various elements, detailed rules that change in a short period of time, system tools that have been introduced, and all the human staff can respond flexibly.
      I don't know if you're asking if I'm spending time on inquiries when the tool introduction has been lost...😢.
      However, regarding those who inquired about women, I think that all the staff are sincerely facing each other at the moment they return the email...!
      Even if it is difficult in reality, I would like it to be so, and I am paying close attention to make it a good setting (at least not to cause troubles or complaints), but from the member's point of view, the response to emails changes every time, and sometimes Tonchinkan
      I'm very sorry that I might offend you (>_<)💦Thank you sat1-sama for understanding the staff's mistakes and inadequacies...!

      Even if you make the same mistake, the reaction will be different, and if you have a generous man and a strong man side by side, you will fall in love with the generous man. I feel.
      Also, there are certainly aspects such as the strong voice of the swordsman (coined word), so the voice goes to the top, and countermeasures are being worked out (*^^*) Thank you for always noticing ✨

  2. I am an anonymous questionnaire responder.
    The staff are also friendly, so I think it's okay if the staff have likes and dislikes for male members.But let me say two things.
    Please understand that it is the staff who are making a man who listens without learning what he says he can't do.
    Because the difference in response by staff is really big.If you ask one staff member, they will tell you, but if you ask another staff member, they will say no.From the standpoint of a male member, I would like to designate a staff member when I make an inquiry. (In that case, it seems that you should become a black member ....)
    Also, I think it's certainly annoying that I can't confirm at all with only inquiries, but at the same time, I honestly feel that it will be difficult to inquire if the staff says so clearly.
    Stopping inquiries means that a cautious person like me won't make offers unless there is a very good reason, so isn't that a negative thing for the club?
    As for me, when I used to make inquiries, the number of offers was about XNUMX-XNUMX times a month.Now I have a fixed number of women, so I don't get many inquiries, but I get an offer about once every few months.
    By the way, the Fukuoka branch's "*XNUMX years old for reference to the offer" is an interesting initiative, and I would like to spread it to all branches.So, I know that Mr. Seki is writing after understanding the difference in the staff's response, but I was worried and commented.

    1. >> Mr. Dai
      I've seen your name from time to time in the anonymous question box, nice to meet you~☻
      > Because the difference in response by staff is really big.If you ask one staff member, they will tell you, but if you ask another staff member, they will say no.
      This is something I'm really worried about.If this is the case, I really feel that the club staff is inconsistent and lacks leadership...!I'm sorry.
      (Depending on the content of the inquiry, there may be changes in the parts that can be communicated, and there are parts that each person does not fully understand.)
      Also, I am very aware that there may be "hit and miss" depending on the staff, so thank you for always understanding...!
      Regarding the content that I will ask without learning here, it is not about detailed rules, but about "principles" that are firmly stated in the rules, so
      This is a level story that is irrelevant to members who understand that our club is a "dating club" and listen to what they have to say during interviews. No 💦)

      In addition, I would like to ask about the matter of ~ only for inquiries (I really apologize for writing it wrong!)
      If you can see the intention of the offer, there is no problem at all.
      I found a new woman who was newly uploaded, and even though I suddenly made a complaint to the woman who was waiting, I canceled it because of the woman, and so on. is…! (actual example)
      I'm very happy about the inquiry itself, and it's a negative for me if it doesn't turn out to be a satisfying date, so it's safer to actually contact me and ask me about the real thing (*^^*)
      So don't worry about Dai, please contact us! (I'm sure the staff will be happy too ♡)

      Kya is embarrassed...!That was Seki two years ago (*^^*)
      I want to rejuvenate, really.What's the story with your true feelings as a woman?Sorry for the feeling ><

  3. All the staff at Universe are gods.I can't thank you enough for always being so good to me.

    The likes and dislikes are sudden.Customers are not gods.Just as the word “casual harassment” has become common, I think that unscrupulous customers should be treated appropriately.

    In the first place, only gentlemen should be registered.

    1. >> Loser man @ Respondent
      nice to meet you!Always looking at the loser's reply, I was thinking "I'm not a loser at all...!?", thank you for your comment...!
      Thank you very much for using our company...!No no, I'm sorry that I haven't been able to do enough to thank you, thank you...!
      There is such a thing as customer harassment.
      That's right, isn't it, "Oh, um...I wonder if this figure is a gentleman and a relaxed man...? You don't talk like this to a girl...?" I have…!
      I'm a little worried, but I can't tell a woman that I'm worried about her, so please be careful.
      I am always grateful to have a man who understands, and thank you for your continued support m(__)m

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