It is a female staff who was told by a woman that she wants to be a host.

We become indebted to.
This is Yuhi Kudo from Universe Club FS1.

When I first joined the company, I had a big problem with interviewing women.


"Kudo's praise vocabulary is small!!!"


It's faster to count the number of people who make a disgusting face after being praised,
The feeling of "I'm happy to be praised!"
I believe it is universal.

Kudo, of course, is happy to be praised (excuse me).

Therefore, "praising" and "standing" means
It is a very useful tool for building relationships with
This is Kudo, who is always thinking about it.


And after some research,

・Increase motivation
・Performance is improved
・Proactive way of working that gains confidence and is not passive


I think it's clear that being praised will lead you in the right direction.

Thankfully, women who can come to Universe,
beautiful, cute,
There are many attractive people, so I naturally give out a lot of "compliments"...

Thinking back on Kudo in the past,

"Kudo, you're only saying you're cute!!!!!!!!!"


Cute, of course!What a compliment,
Women are the ones who get excited even if it's flattering.

However, please try to be called just cute.


"Do you really think this person is cute?"
"Then tell me specifically what is cute."


I think you will feel like this when cute is saturated.

But she's a really nice lady...
I want to convey cuteness and put a shy and adorable figure in the photo.

Such Kudo steals technology from seniors,
As a result of pursuing to praise...


About a year after joining the company,
“Mr. Kudo will compliment you on anything, just like a host (laughs).”
I was able to arrive until I was told by a woman.


I find the other person attractive, but I don't know how to put it into words...

I hope it will be a hint for such people,
I apologize for the inconvenience, but I would like to introduce Kudo's praise process.


① Praise specifically

"The eyes are really bright and cute."
“Your waist line is really beautiful, it’s the ideal of a woman…!!”
"I can't get enough of that smile with the corners of my eyes squeezing...!!"

In this way, I am telling you in detail that this part of you is cute and attractive.
Specific examples give more weight to words and thoughts.

In addition, "You are watching me so much ..."
I think it's a loose approach that can be the basis of a relationship of trust.


② Compliment makeup and accessories

However, when I praised her looks in detail,
There is a possibility that it will be transmitted like sexual harassment...

In such a case, it is effective to praise accessories and makeup.

All women are trying.

I want to look cute...
I want to feel beautiful...
I want to get closer to my ideal...

According to the fashion and TPO of the day,
Small items such as makeup and accessories,
Selected with care.

“Your eyeshadow color is different than usual today, the atmosphere is different and cute!”
“Your earrings are cute. Wouldn’t you say that you have good taste?”

Just give me these details
I think it will be a way to melt the hearts of women!


③ Praise the complex

“I used to play sports, so I have a lot of scars on my legs.”

→Isn't this the fruit of hard work...!? !
You've put all your heart into it while cutting yourself down...! !
Would you like to be called a hard worker?

"I'm a little overweight..."

→ Rather soft curves are feminine and lovely!
There are many people who like women who are a little meaty~~! !

Receive and stop your weaknesses and complexes,
And take it as a plus...

I think that being tolerant is an advantage for both men and women.
It's a technique that can win more trust by turning pluses into minuses!


④ Use “I” as the subject

"You may have a complex, but
I rather like you that way. ”

"This place is lovely.
I love people who have this kind of charm! ! "

"Everyone thinks you're cute."
Rather than telling
"I think you're cute."
Doesn't it feel more persuasive?

In this way, we will appeal to the confidence and aggressiveness of the other party.


Kudo: Were you interviewing women while thinking about such clever things?
I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.

However, what Kudo tells all women is,
My heartfelt condolences...

Core Values ​​of UNIVERSE
I swear to be honest, transparent, and single-minded.It's true.

Although it is a trivial thing, when deepening the distance with women,
I would appreciate it if you could refer to it...! !


To everyone who read this long blog,
Kudo feels that all of them are truly open-minded people...! !

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Nice to meet you, I'm Yuhi Kudo, a newcomer.I can't continue working out.I like the futon.

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