Nice to meet you all.My name is Rei Ogawa.

Nice to meet you all. My name is Rei Ogawa, I joined the company as a new graduate in 2021☺

First of all, I would like to start with a simple self-introduction!

I grew up in Fukuoka and moved to Kobe after high school.I grew up in the countryside so much that I had never ridden a train until I came to Kobe.
I am so immersed in the charm of Kansai that I want to live in Kansai for the rest of my life!

There was something I was doing as I was doing my job hunting.
I want to work in the city!I want to work in a clean office!I want to work freely!
I didn't have a specific occupation I wanted to do, so I was looking for a company that emphasized how to work.
Therefore, I went to briefing sessions for various industries and occupations.However, as my job-hunting progressed, the clerical work was different, the food-related business was different, the trading company was different, and so on, and I was at a loss.

That's when I found this company!
Work that makes encounters with people.Very attractive!I thought.
And as the briefing session and the first interview proceeded, the employees listened to me kindly, answered a lot of questions if I had any concerns, and faced each and every job hunting student.It's a wonderful company. I thought!
It was the first time for me to be so close to a single job-hunting student, so I felt a sense of security when I joined the company.

There are many things I'm worried about when I start working as a member of society, but I want to do my best while taking on new challenges every day so that I can become an immediate asset to the company!

Q: Department you belong to

Q: What was your impression of this company and industry?
A: When I was looking for a job, I happened to see a job posting on a website somewhere, and I honestly thought it was an interesting industry.
Until then, I hadn't really figured out what I wanted to do, so I was looking for a job, but somehow I wanted to do something different from other people, so I was attracted to the industry of the matching business and the job description of the coordinator.

Q: What are the names and impressions of the interviewers and trainers?
A : Mr. Fujikawa did the first interview online.The interview was done in a very relaxed manner,
I have created an environment where it is easy to ask questions about my job and industry as well as my concerns.The second interview was face-to-face with Mr. Kurosaki.I was a little nervous because it was a face-to-face interview.Mr. Oda conducted the third interview.It was a face-to-face meeting, but I was able to relax by being given water and asking various questions at the end.

Q: What do you do on your days off?
A: When I don't have any plans, I go to a cafe to study Korean or watch NETFLIX.Recently, I finally finished watching Ai no Crash Landing!
My recommendation is "My ID is Gangnam Beauty"!I also like clothes, so I'm just watching ZOZOTOWN!

Q: What are your favorite books, TV programs, websites, etc.?
A: I watch NETFLIX and youtube a lot!

Q: What was your previous job description?
A : I was working part-time at a department store.I used to sell salads at department stores, but I got leftovers from various shops, so I was able to eat a lot of delicious things for free! !

Q: Future aspirations, greetings, etc.
A: I will always do my best with an attitude of proactively learning from myself!

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