[Tokyo] I made the wrong choices in life

I'm Ito, a newcomer from the Tokyo head office.

This blog is“Do you have any regrets about the choices you have made in your life?”It's a boring story.
For me, I want to tell everyone, so I will write it.


Do you know the game Detroit Become Human?


Rough synopsis, the stage is Detroit in 2038.
Humanoid androids with intelligence higher than humans all over the world,
It's an era when everyone owns it at a price that's not so expensive.

Human unemployment is rapidly increasing because androids can do anything.
androids have no emotions"mono"should have been,
Identical to humans by mutation"heart"The number of androids with

Can humans and androids coexist?
Will there be a war between humans and androids?

This is the story.
(Actually, it's very complex, deep, and thought-provoking, and you'll want to replay it over and over again.)


What is so interesting about this game?
"Your choices determine the story"That's it.



'Do you want to help this person? 』
▶ NO

I think there are a lot of games like this, but it's not that kind of crappy dimension.
Choice from choice, as a result the scenario changes and it's all about things that don't go as expected.
By this game called Detroit Become Human
I thought that the daily life I live now was always forced to make a choice.



Example: "Emergency, trouble has occurred"
Act now to troubleshoot
find the culprit who caused the trouble
say it's my fault

▷ Act now to solve problems
As a result of the apology, trouble spread and developed into an incident

▷ shut up
Made into a criminal and lost credibility

▷Find the culprit who caused the trouble
Another trouble occurred as the evaluation from the surroundings declined

▷ Say it's your fault
I lost all my comrades because I took all the responsibility.



Example: "The culprit of the incident took a hostage and barricaded himself."
talk peacefully
Save hostages by shooting criminals
wait for support
Persuade yourself to be a hostage or lend a helping hand

▷ Talk peacefully
The culprit didn't listen and shot the hostage.

▷ Shoot the criminal and save the hostage
A shootout ensued, and the culprit and the hostage were saved, and I was shot dead.

▷ Call for support and wait
I was told that if I was just there, I would be a nuisance, and I was removed from the case I was in charge of, and I lost credibility.

▷Persuade yourself to become a hostage and lend your strength
Unacceptable and shot dead, but earned the trust of his comrades


Well, there are various options, and the next option will change depending on the choice.
Even if you think you've made the best choice, the evaluations of those around you are different and the results don't always go as you expected.
Even though everyone should have chosen a way to be saved, something unexpected happened.
Depending on how the other person perceives the situation is different, it usually proceeds in an unexpected scenario.
As a game, that's what makes it interesting.


I thought it was just like life.


I don't know the answer even if I think "What would have happened if I had chosen over there" later.
Either choice would have died.
Later, I thought, "If I had done this at that time, it would have turned out like this."
Because it's all imagination and the reality that is happening now.

(It seems that there are many people who want to see another scenario in the game, so let's start over from the beginning.)

Only here is different from reality, you can not redo.
Once you choose a path, you cannot go back or redo it.
I can't see another scenario version of my life.




I am in this game called Detroit Become Human
haven't played




I happened to be hooked on watching a live video of the game,
I watched a total of about 40 hours of game distribution from various people.

I've been in automatic scenario creation mode in my head for about a month now.
When I had to decide what to do with this situation, I came up with three or four options,
After making a choice, it becomes like this, and the next time there are many choices, it's a scenario in my brain that has no basis.

In games, it's all about the choices you make that don't lead to the life you want.
I think it's good to think ahead in the real world.
Sometimes things go the way you thought they would.

People who are worried about dad life, people who are worried about work and private life
As a premise, it is natural that things do not go as planned,
Isn't it one way to live a life without regrets by thinking about many patterns and thinking ahead?

(It's Ito, who originally has a personality that thinks too much, but has become a troublesome person who thinks too much.)

There are many things that I think I did wrong, but looking back, I have no regrets about my choices.
After joining Universe, I am grateful for all the encounters with members, encounters and farewells with employees.


So, please take a look at Detroit Become Human.
I think that you can see one lap in about 8-10 hours.

Detroit Become Human
Tokyo head office Nozomi Ito

Author of this article

I will continue to be a rookie Ito. talk to this staff

3 Replies to “[Tokyo] I made the wrong choices in life”

  1. Always I am indebted.
    I started watching Detroit Become Human.
    Thank you for telling me something interesting
    Ito-san, please do your best without losing to the heat.

  2. Droid “tuguo”.
    I missed your previous comment, so I'll write it again.
    I'm watching Detroit Become Human.
    Thank you for letting me know about this interesting game.
    Next blog is August 8?Is it normal?
    I'm looking forward to it.
    Please be careful of the heat from now on ~.

    1. Mr. tuguo
      thank you for your comment.
      Recent images that make you feel like you're watching a game or watching a movie are really amazing.
      It's just a hobby blog, but thank you for visiting.
      Mr. tuguo is also not defeated by the heat!good luck!
      I am always grateful for your help!

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