Corona chance has arrived! !

We become indebted to.During the consecutive holidays, the back office staff are also absent and quiet, but the site is a parade of interviews with beautiful women! !

I'm proud of the theory that CA will come when I go to work, so if I get annoyed, I'll go around the office every day.

The number of infected people continues to rise every day, and there are some essential workers who are having a hard time at work and some who have passed away, so I can't say it out loud...


Corona Saiko! !


I think now!She's been complaining about corona so far, and I think she was honestly a nasty woman.Once you reach the bottom, the only thing left to do is go up, so the tension is rising!

A beautiful woman who used to go abroad is now on standby at home, and a smart woman knows her needs and values!As I wrote in the club comment, I can't meet such a beautiful woman unless it's Corona!thank you.


As one of our investor members said the other day, it's a great opportunity to invest now, just like the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy!That's why I'm so busy.

I used to go on business trips before, but when I go on business trips, I have to entertain people, and I've gone over there, so I'm worried about it, and I realized that I couldn't do that anymore, so I didn't need it.

But I don't know how many more times I'll be able to hold a beautiful woman, so I want to spend dinner and bed time with a wonderful person, and that's always a man

That word really touched me.


On the other hand, there are many people who have decided to break up with this person because they are no longer on the same wavelength, but now is the chance to invest in a bright future.Invest in dating.


The other day, I was able to see a recommended email from Mr. Ao*Pla*na, and when I happened to open it, I saw something familiar. After all, it was the woman I interviewed!

I was shocked... what the heck, it's prettier than the pictures I took! !
At the same time, I felt a sense of incongruity.

It is often said that representatives should take pictures that move their hearts.
Even if the photo is messed up, if the viewer wants to see you, you win
If a man sees a photo and gets a shock of electricity, it doesn't matter if it's cute or ugly.
If you look at the photo with the backlight shining from behind
"Somehow, it looks shining. Could this child be my destined person?"Fluorescent lights are not enough to take emotional gravure photos instead of publicity photos!

Check out the latest beauty list here!

The other day, among the enrollment inquiries, there was a person who came to the interview saying that he wanted to meet that person after seeing Instagram five years ago.

The thread of fate is not always red.


I don't need anything like a list or an e-mail magazine.

I think that the system that can be sent to "only you" is now in place.It is also the motivation of the staff to be able to set up with the recommended woman.

It may be a matter of course, but a happy relationship with each other is a very happy thing.I would like to continue to cherish it from a small connection.

Even in such a difficult time, I think that the members of the universe are not half-hearted.

I am deeply moved to see the number of souvenirs I received from the Universe Tokyo group go up day after day.While thinking about the wonderful feeling of thinking of someone, feel free to eat it! !

Will everyone do their best to get through the hard times and the corona will still continue?When will it end?You don't have to face the answer that you can't find even if you ask yourself in agony.

The course for taking a break while working from home is to read Boys' Love at a neighborhood book-off and arrive home in agony.

I don't want to live like that anymore!Let's go real together.


I also belong to a part of society, so I would like to follow the rules.

I received a message saying that the date will be canceled because there was a corona infected person at the company, and the situation continues that I can't ignore.

We are also bothering our memberscorona app installThank you for your continued cooperation.


Universe Club Tokyo Enma Mamiya

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