Question Box Digest Part 1 -There is no good male member to offer at the festival-

Maezawa, who always answers in an anonymous question box,
don't you write a blog?

No, I don't know how to write
If you say so, I'll tell you, write it down.
I am writing a blog (← here now)

I was wondering what to write
Question box digest is fine ♪
He said, oh, I see.
So I'm going to digest. (smile)

Well, recentAnonymous question box (/help/), I was concerned about the answer

A male member of Universe's festival purchase keeps offering black women
I heard from multiple black women that the market is going down.

There is no good male member to offer at the festival.

It seems ”

What is festival purchase? By paying a certain amount in advance
It is said that you can offer without restrictions and that there is no additional cost
It was a story about a flat-rate system that is very profitable for men.

I did it because I wanted immediate funds due to the influence of the new coronavirus.
this bad influence
It's terrible.

I'll help you because you're in a pinch.
The club is not supposed to be involved in the treatment, so I can't say anything, but it seems that the staff should have chosen carefully who to talk to.

I don't know how low you are offering
I hear that black women normally receive about 1 at a time.
Are you stuck with 8 or 7?

If it's something like 5, the universe is too low, so if you register with another dating club, black class women won't come to the universe, or existing women will withdraw and go elsewhere. I think there is a possibility

After all, the male members are strangling themselves
It is possible that you may not even notice it.
If the universe is missing some pretty girls, it might be your fault.
(Actually, the reason is that the club did not exclude such men.)

Of course, there are also good male members, and if the women are satisfied, I don't care how much they give.

It is said that bad money drives out good money.
I would like the men who are currently making offers at festivals to give me allowances so that women will not be dissatisfied.


"Yeah. I also bought a festival, but...

I was told at another dating club interview.

Faces are a hot topic. ”

Even so, it is a hot topic in other dating clubs
I did not know at all.


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1 Replies to “Question Box Digest Part 29 -There are no good male members to offer at festivals-”

  1. Mr. Maezawa
    I haven't seen many anonymous questionnaires lately, so I looked back a little, but I couldn't find this festival-related question and answer.However, there was a post by male member Basil and an answer column by Maezawa.Well, I thought Mr. Basil's answer was more appropriate for this discussion, at least for the members.After the president's crying blog, there was an announcement about the festival.I don't think it was strange to think that there was a possibility of throwing money down the drain.Universe may have had enough time, but I don't think the employees can say anything other than thank you for the time being, as the president's self-restraint blog says.If Mr. Maezawa made such a statement, the president would be suspicious of what he was thinking.
    Also, I told Maezawa-san before, didn't I?I wonder if the way the comment section of the blog has been changed.Didn't you ask your employees to teach them properly?At that time, Mr. Maezawa said, "I didn't change anything. Even so, I'm not going to teach you step by step."Please take what I say seriously.Recently, everyone, including the president, has not added a comment section, but wouldn't it be better to teach them how to do so?Of course, if you don't want to add it, it's fine (sorry for blogging about anonymous questionnaires, because I can't write in questionnaires).
    Mr. Maezawa, I am always impressed by how well you do your job, but I would appreciate it if you could think a little more this time.Even so, Mr. Maezawa won't back down.

    1. SAT1 Thank you for your comment.

      >You said that to Maezawa-san before, didn't you?I wonder if the way the comment section of the blog has been changed.

      As you said, if you don't experience it yourself, it's a big difference to hear it.
      I thought I was listening seriously, but I was naive that it was so difficult to understand.

      >Recently, everyone, including the president, hasn't added a comment section, but wouldn't it be better to teach them how to do it?

      As expected, how is it that a person who started writing yesterday teaches a person who has been writing a blog until now?It is difficult because it becomes
      Can't the default be commented?I'll ask.
      I think it's the way it is now for some reason, so I don't think it will change.
      I'm good at saying things even if they don't change. (smile)

      > I thought Basil's answer was the best.

      It's true that the allowance is decided by two people, and if one of them refuses, it won't work, so it's understandable that it's not just the man's fault.
      It's just that a little while ago, the allowance was 1.5 million.I had read something like
      If that happens, no one will come to Universe, so I want those male members to be eliminated.
      It may not have been good that it overlapped with something like that.

      I think it would have been better to talk about 1.5 and write that I want people like that to disappear.
      Either way, from the man's point of view, it's an agreement with the other party (I think the woman is actually contacting me because she's not convinced).
      I feel like I should stop interfering with it, so either way, it may be something that people say is strange.
      I wonder if that's okay, so I've set up a comment section for that
      If you want to say something, please say so.That's what it feels like.

      >Mr. Maezawa won't back down just by saying that.

      that?It's exposed.
      But, as you say, if I'm told, I'll think about it a little.
      Please keep saying it.

    2. President Kida knows everything, so it seems that he knew how to make a comment.
      Is it possible to make the comment field appear by default?When I asked, they said OK.
      I was told to tell the production department so, so I told
      In other places (places other than blogs) there will be comment fields
      In the end, it's been like this.

    1. thank you for your comment.
      It's hard for me to say the amount of my allowance, so can you tell the man?Some women say.
      There are many people who want to know men, and I have a lot of requests.
      But it's a rule, so I can't tell you...
      This is the difficult part.

      Exactly as written in the comments
      I hope there is another way to solve it

  2. Although there is no basis for it, Mr. Maezawa understood Mr. Basil's point of view and wrote this content.

    After that, "in the end, the male members are strangling themselves."
    In other words, since Universe only acts as an intermediary for encounters, "quality of service" cannot be guaranteed.
    Isn't it the purpose of wanting male members to understand that?

    I think it's true in any industry that people with bad manners can't receive good service after all.

    I also only give bad service to customers with bad manners.

    1. Flagmaker, thank you for your comment.
      Mr. Basil's point of view is also reasonable.
      I also appreciate the kind comments from Mr. Flag Maker.

  3. A club that is in trouble with cash flow puts on a bargain and collects money, but evicts the members who cooperated?
    You can be arrogant too.
    Bargaining will tighten its own neck.It's the existing members who suffer the most when the quality of the club declines.

    1. Coron, thank you for your comment.
      You're right.
      But no way from a woman
      "There are no good male members to offer at festivals."
      to be in a situation called
      It is a feeling.

      Of course, I would like to thank everyone who helped me.
      I don't want to exclude people who cooperated
      A member who makes a woman say such things is not suitable as a member.
      That's what I was talking about.

      If a woman tells me that I was a nice man
      Even if you date two people every day, it's totally OK.

      Rather, I want you to date more and more.

  4. As Mr. sat1 said, the people who bought points at the festival were people who thought about Univa even though they were prepared to throw money down the drain.
    You are, so to speak, the benefactor of the company.
    It's disgusting that employees make stupid remarks about it.
    I'm glad I didn't attend the festival.

    Also, it seems that ``black women receive XNUMX as usual,'' but since they shouldn't tell women about classes in the question box, I can't say the market price for XX classes. bottom?
    I often look into the question box, but while saying that there is no market price for each person, on the other hand, there are contradictory statements such as XNUMX yen is cheap and small.
    A man who pays only "XNUMX" for one date, it may be crap compared to some billionaires, but in general I think it's pretty good to get that much money on one date. I see.
    Mr. Maezawa must be very rich to think that XNUMX is second.

    It's amazing that employees make fun of customers on the official blog.

    1. Conversely, I wondered how it would be to complain even though I didn't participate.
      You should reconsider why you joined the dating club.
      If you are doing club activities, you know the fact, if both parties agree, it will not be cheap or expensive.
      Are you worrying too much about your surroundings?It's a group that wants to mount both women and clubs.

    2. Passerby
      thank you for your comment.

      I want to eliminate people who receive bad evaluations from women.
      On the contrary, I want people who get good evaluations.

      So I didn't make fun of it, it's just what it means.
      There is no problem if the woman says that she has met a good person who is satisfied with her treatment.
      I think it was written this time too.

      By the way, than written in "passing by"
      I would be more than happy if you fixed something like a pen name and commented.
      Even if "passing by" is a pseudonym, wouldn't it be possible for other people to use it incorrectly?I will think.

      1. Well, it's a high-level story that has nothing to do with Papua. (smile)
        So I can't comment much...

        Allowance 7,8, 10, much less XNUMX?Isn't it amazing?
        Right now, even if there are some doubts, I think it's a phase where women have to work hard, but well, it's useless to preach to black women.

        In my neighborhood, a high-class restaurant for the bourgeoisie, which used to be called a "members' restaurant", has started to take out, probably because of the corona this time. It's really impossible to flatter and sell to the common people who have been excluded so far (laughs)

        I think this festival is a wise decision, and I can understand both Mr. Maezawa's thoughts and Mr. Basil's thoughts.

        1. Thank you for your comment Papua.

          Come to think of it, a high-class restaurant near the company
          (The price range written in the tabelog is from ¥20,000 to ¥29,999.)
          I started taking out too.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Mr. Goldfish.

      "Let's go, King of Heroes - is the stock of weapons sufficient?"
      Is it?

      No, I'm not an aniota, but everyone knows that it's going to be such a famous line, right?

      1. There is a w

        When I checked what he said, I also noticed the words just before that.
        "There's no reason why the fake can't compete with the real thing."
        good words.Now, let's find a wonderful love in UNIVA.

        real ^o^no

  5. Isn't this the same composition as the passport confiscation case of "Reiwa natto"? (smile)
     *Crowdfunding of 1 yen will give you a passport that will give you a natto set meal free for the rest of your life.
     Source https://www.j-cast.com/2020/06/06387438.html?p=all

    It's just like the situation where you don't care about what you're doing, so you don't care about what you're doing, and later you're criticizing the customers and supporters who donated money.

    "Every time I order only a free set meal of natto" = Festival men are driving down the market
    "Answers to questionnaires by e-mail are dishonest" = There is no good male member who uses the festival to offer

    It's ridiculous (laughs).

  6. That's an amazing amount of comments.

    I think the festival was good because of the innovative ideas. 

    I think that the achievement rate was amazing while crowdfunding was also divided into bright and dark.

    However, if the quality was the same as before, it would have been a super breakthrough...just because he is a person...

    I couldn't have predicted it myself, but I don't think anyone could have imagined that the new women during this festival would be in the current situation.

    I've changed my points to 3 months worth of festivals, so I'm going to wait and see and save them for a while, but if I had chosen the all-you-can-eat, it would be over, sadly...

    I think that distortion has become a big problem now.

    I think it's unavoidable that the wise women who were originally in the group are temporarily evacuating due to a recess or withdrawal.

    As long as I can't be satisfied with the festival as much as I want, I don't have a place to go that the men want, and I think I have no choice but to run in that direction.

    Also, the allowances that are written are, after all, in the Kansai area and the Tokyo area, they are nearly doubled, and I felt that they would be different, along with the population density. yeah…

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      Also, you cooperated with the festival.
      (I knew it because it was written over there)
      Thank you very much.

  7. From the user's point of view, the dating club is just a tool, similar to a taxi or a credit card.
    I want to keep 3-4 young and beautiful amateurs who can play in my favorite way at all times. I just use it because it's the most convenient.
    It's like renewing an annual contract with a good after-sales service system and saying, "It's a little expensive, but it's okay if it's not troublesome. If you can solve it with money."
    Personally, I don't think there is much need for discussion.
    I don't care what people think inside me.

  8. By the way, I think this article by Mr. Maezawa is very useful.
    If it hadn't been written like this, it was one side of the truth that I wouldn't have been able to know.
    It would be beneficial if you continue to post similar articles without hesitation.

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