Papa activity = Sugar dating = Bayo?


Dear members, thank you for your continued support.

I am in charge of advertising and marketing at Universe Club.

My name is Mirai Ueda from PR Marketing.


I've been thinking about advertising in Taiwan since this morning.

In Taiwan, it's called "Baoyang" (paoyang), which is almost the same expression as Papa-katsu.

It seems that the nuances are not exactly the same for native speakers.

If anyone other than Baoyang knows how to express Papa-katsu in Chinese, I would appreciate it if you could contact Ueda.


It is difficult for me to select keywords for Japanese that I know the words.

Overseas version, I can't even catch up with my head. .

I would like to overcome this with Mr. Kubozuka, a PRM member who is a magician of writing. .


However, in any country, affairs, mistresses, and daddy cultures have been around for a long time.

Even if the language is different, I once again feel that there are many things in common.


I didn't know that after joining UNIVERSE, I would be involved in researching and getting involved in not only Japan, but also the situation in Taiwan and Singapore.

I didn't even think about it, so what kind of advertisements will be handled in the next two years?

I can't even imagine.I think that being unpredictable is a fatal flaw.

I really have a lot of experience.Thank you.



I'm sorry for the practical boring story! ! !

What did you want to tell me most today?


I received a wonderful interview video from Singapore, so I wrote a blog



This is an interview video of a female member who is a freelance model in Singapore.

Thank you for your cooperation and your wonderful smile.

Please take a look if you have time ^ ^

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