If you're observant, you'll notice. ~It moved~


Long time no see!

I'm Yanase (/・ω・)/whooooooo!!!!!!!!!

April is about to end, isn't it? (squinting eyes)

The Cherry Blossoms are all scattered. (squinting eyes)

I didn't get to see the cherry blossoms... (I don't in the first place)

I want to play outside... (In the first place, I'm homeless)

All the members will soon be getting enough of corona stress.

Don't worry.

Yanase will resolve ☆(^ _-)-笘

What can we do for members who are members at this time...

What can I do for male members who give me warm words at times like this...

I thought it through for three days and three nights.

I came up with it.


· · · · ·


this and!!!

(It seems to be on purpose)

★Universe Three Major Festivals★

"Three major"So why are you running 3 campaigns?

Let me give you a quick overview!

①By purchasing points50% reduction

It's literally as you read it.Points can be purchased for 10 yen or more♪

Purchase 10 points → Give 15 points

Purchase 20 points → Give 30 points

Purchase 30 points → Give 45 points

②1 month or 3 months As much as you want to meetpack

As many people as you want to meet during the period!Let's go on a date every day! ♡

There is one point here...Usage period: 1 month or 3 months

payment date~ 1 month or 3 months after the state of emergency is lifted

So the emergency declaration has not been lifted. (smile)

★ 1 month plan...30 million yen
★ 3 month plan...50 million yen

*Limited to the first 20 people for each period!Hurry up!Please contact the branch staff in charge!

②Admission feeFull point return

Well nice.

・Join Black → 30 points
・Join Platinum → 10 points
・Join Gold → 5 points
・Registration for Standard → 3 points

Non-members may not see it, but...

Don't miss this chance!


So it looks like this ( ・´ω`・ )

Please be sure to see the details page for how to apply ✨

Click here for details of "Universe Three Major Festivals"



Yanase is unable to meet a man because of Corona, and her marriage is delayed.She is full of regrets.It's all because of Corona.all...all...

I think that there are many members whose work and private life are affected by the coronavirus.

I know you are very busy, but please take care of yourself.

And leave a little leisure and healing to Universe Club.


It was Yanase★


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