How Universe Club's future looks like…

So Circuit Breaker has been extended for 1 more month till 1 June. How is everyone doing amidst this trying time?

All our staff here in Universe Club Singapore had been complying to the government measures and working from home safely! 

We hope this tough time can pass by soon because our business has been critically hit by the global pandemic… Our sales has been a mere fraction of that in December 2019 (when we first opened) and January 2020.

This is the same for our 14 Japan branches. As a result, Universe Club has been undergoing some emergency measures such as shortening office hours (it is now 11am-7pm, an hour's decrease from 11am-8pm!), less work days per week and also retrenchments. 

But fret not as we still have staff working every day with no office closure days, so send in your enquiries at any time you desire!


The aim of this blog is a cry for help, really. 


Even with all our emergency measures in place, it is tough for Universe Club to sustain in the long term if the Circuit Breaker is not yet lifted. crying


We may even have to shut down Singapore Branch's physical office if the situation does not improve. What this means is that our concierges will leave and Singapore Branch will continue its operations by staff remotely in Tokyo. surprise


Of course, in the worse case scenario where Universe Club does not have the means to employ a local staff, we will not be able to have physical, face-to-face interviews with our potential sugar daddies and sugar babies. done via online and all sugar baby's photos will be provided by her, not taken by our staff.crying


Although we request that the sugar babies provide us with non-filtered photos, these photos are still less helpful than the current profile photos taken by our Universe Club staff and may affect the quality of our personalized service for our sugar daddies and sugar babies, since it is all remote operations. blush


To help us retain the physical office and all our experienced concierges, we will need to conduct more online dates and introduce more potential sugar daddies into Universe Club Singapore. There is a certain amount to be met in order for this to happen, or else our physical office is slated to close in a few months' time.


For now, please help with Universe Club in terms of online dates. We also have 2 more days left for our 100% FREE MEMBERSHIP campaign for our gentlemen!


For our sugar daddies

Yes Basically Free Membership for a year! Your payment for an Annual membership will be 100% converted to points, (ie $2000 for Platinum Class paid, 2000 points transferred into yoru account) and you will be able to use the points for date setting. 1 point = 1 SGD so it's is absolutely worth it!

Yes half price All Setting Fees for online dates! surprise  A straight 50% off for all online dates across all classes! The gentlemen need not pay for any transportation fee as well! Date as many ladies as you have the time for heart


For our sugar babies

kiss SGD $66 for attending an Online datesUniverse Club will be giving out $66 to ladies just to get to know Sugar Daddies! (Universe Club will give out the compensation via Paypal after the date, so do not ask the sugar daddies for the $66!)

kissShorter time needed for online dates! The online date's official duration is only 30 minutes, which is significantly less than the physical dates which can take 2-4 hours. (no transportation fee is given for online dates, but you don't have to leave the house to get S$66, which is a pretty good deal if you ask me!)


That's all for now!

Rei Tanaka 

Universe Club Singapore


Contact us in WhatsApp for a direct reply from our coordinator staff in the Singapore branch for how to have a sugar daddy or be a sugar baby in Universe Club.

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